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Use it on cases related to north-eastern Iranian people between the years of 500 BC - 650 AD Use it in reference to Parthian empire.

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Did Rome conquer the Parthian Empire during the conquests of Trajan?

I read from wikipedia that Rome never managed to beat Parthia after the mind blowing defeat the Parthian General Surena inflicted on Crassus during the Battle of Carrhae in 53 BC, but then after being ...
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Was the Achaemenid Empire richer than the Sasanian Empire?

A while ago I read a passage regarding the economy of different Persian empires. The passage was implying that the Achaemenid Persian empire (a.k.a first Iranian empire) was in total ``far richer"...
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What happened to the Parthians?

I've always been very much interested in the origin of these people and the way they served Iran. However, the origin and fate of these people has always been a mystery for me and despite reading ...
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