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Why did Muhammad Ali Jinnah leave Congress?

According to Wikipedia: He was a member of the moderate group in the Congress, favoring Hindu–Muslim unity in achieving self-government, and following such leaders as Mehta, Naoroji, and Gopal ...
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After the 1947 India Partition, why did Sikhs & Hindus fleeing Pakistan travel to Delhi rather than stay in Amritsar?

After 1947 Partition of India, why did Sikhs and Hindus (escaping newly created Pakistan) not stay in a nearby city such as Amritsar, but instead migrate another 400 miles away to Delhi? According to ...
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Why didn't Afghanistan accede to Pakistan in 1947?

The A in Pakistan stands for Afghanistan and dates to at least 1933. When the British were quitting India in 1947 and Pakistan was forming, why didn't the Afghani's join with Pakistan. Afghani's ...
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