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Is this anecdote about use of poison in guerrilla war mentioned by Schopenhauer based on facts?

In Schopenhauer's 1819 "The World as Will and Representation", volume 1, in the (only) footnote of chapter 64, we can read: “That Spanish bishop, who in the last war simultaneously poisoned ...
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Why did General Billy Mitchell regard war with Japan as inevitable as early as 1912?

llama stated in Comments about General Billy Mitchell's observation from March 1912 after touring Russo Japanese War Battle Fields, "war between the United States and Japan is inevitable". @llama ...
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Was Voltaire actually present at the British Raid on Lorient in 1746, which was attended by David Hume?

Voltaire wrote a satirical account of the raid at which Hume himself was personally in attendance with General St Clair. However, it is difficult to find out if Voltaire was actually an eyewitness ...
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How widespread was pacifism in the WW2 USA?

Approximately what percentage of people supported pacifism during WW2 in the USA? I'm not interested just in the opposition to war, since some people could protest against US involvment from ...
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When and where did just war theory originate?

I was reading an entry from Victor Reppert's blog (Reppert being a noted apologist), where he mentioned that just war theory, specifically prohibitions on what you could do during a war and afterwards,...
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Why did so many rulers want to aquire more land? [closed]

It seems that until around the 20th century, a relatively large portion of rulers saw it as their goal to acquire more land. What was the main rationale behind this?
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Did Sun Tzu's "Art of War" influence Napoleon's philosophy of war and strategy?

The "Art of War" by Sun Tzu is to my knowledge one of the most important and oldest books (besides Clausewitz, Machiavelli) about the philosophy of war and military strategy. Were historians able to ...
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