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Where can I find a specific photo from the Vietnam war?

I’m looking for a specific type photo which I’ve seen before but now I can’t seem to locate it. The photo was of a group of American infantrymen marching across some mountainous jungle area in Vietnam,...
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How might I use a number written over portrait image to help identify the person or tribe, if Indigenous Indian?

I have just concluded having my mother's extensive family photo collection digitized for use in our family tree and for the family's general use. Our mother passed away in 1989, so we waited too long ...
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(Why) are there two different versions of the photograph of inmates at the Buchenwald concentration camp?

It is alleged that the picture on the 42nd page of the May 6th, 1945 issue of the New York Times Magazine, depicting inmates at the Buchenwald concentration camp, and taken five days after liberation, ...
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Help identify this ceremony (probably 1930's London)?

This image was found in a collection that suggests that it is likely to be in London, perhaps 1930 or a bit earlier. It may be the laying of a foundation stone. We'd like to identify the event. Are ...
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Can anyone help identify this uniform /person?

We have found this old photograph among some family records but have no idea who it is of. Can anyone identify the uniform .... We would love to know who the person is but doubt will be that lucky in ...
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Who is Brezhnev's aide on this 1978 photo?

Here is Brezhnev awarding the Order of the Red Banner of Labor to chess player Karpov on 27 Dec 1978. Who is the man smiling in the background?
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Can anyone help to identify this picture of a relative wearing a possibly Polish/Russian/Prussian uniform?

I found this photo and tried to match to uniforms of the time around 1911. Can’t find one with similar pockets or stripes. Can you help to identify? My sister says person on left is grandfather. They ...
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What organization/agency/unit wore this uniform?

The woman in the attached photo worked as a teletype operator for the Army Air Corps on Geiger Field, near Spokane, Washington 1941-44. I don’t believe that she was enlisted, but worked in a civilian ...
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Can anyone tell me about this old portrait of George Washington?

I’ve searched online, and can’t seem to find this exact portrait of him. There are always differences in the ruffles, lips, nose, etc. Also, what type of print is this and roughly how old is it?
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Identifying this uniform, possibly German or Polish

This photo was in my great-aunt's album. She only identified it as "he came from Germany", but the picture was taken in Bunzlau, which I believe to be in Poland. I am guessing it is from ...
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What uniform are these gentlemen wearing?

What uniform are these four guys wearing, and what medal is the central guy wearing? Possibilities are likely something Austro-hungarian or Romanian, possibly around 1900. Bonus question: what are ...
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What tanks/armored vehicles are in these pictures?

Need help in identifying the tanks/armored vehicles in the picture. Date - 11 Aug 2019 Location - Birmenstorf, Switzerland Event - “A Convoy to remember” commemorating 75 Anniversary of WW2 Normandy ...
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Can anybody identify this uniform?

This is an old family photo. Can anybody identify the uniforms in this picture? My family was from Russia/Ukraine/Belarus. Any other info would be cool -- about the medals?
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Which types of tank are on this photo?

One of the more iconic photos of the Prague Spring is this: A high Res version is on wikimedia, who took it first from a CIA flicker post. It is labeled there as "1968. During the Soviet ...
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How to identify this probably French Military uniform?

I'm trying to identify the uniform in this picture of my great-great-great uncle Leon. The picture was taken some time between 1860 to 1890 we think. I've done image searches for uniforms from that ...