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Questions related to the history of recording images through the use of capturing light on photosensitive surfaces, either chemical or electronic in nature.

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Does this WWII photo show a double-track railway?

Recently I found a Bellingcat article titled Solving World War II Photo Mysteries With Open Source Techniques. They close the article by saying: There are still many more images in the IBCC archives ...
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Did the Finns have aluminum screw caps in 1939?

I was looking at images from the 1939 Winter War and found this interesting one. source The Molotov cocktail has an ...
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Can anyone help identify this passenger steamship with double funnels and two masts?

I believe that this unidentified passenger steamship could possibly be from the New England area or the Great Lakes. I have already ruled out this vessel as being the S.S. Boston of the Eastern ...
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What is the name of this photographer?

He was known for (I believe) large format, black and white photographs of men and women, often in suits or business attire in sort of distorted, strange poses -- very angular, abnormal body positions. ...
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When was this picture of Ostend taken?

(I originally [erroneously] posted this on Travel SE, but it was recommended that I repost here.) I found this postcard at a flea market (in the US) and am very curious when it was taken, or if any of ...
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When was this picture taken?

This is a picture from my family's book & stationery store that was in Aspen, Colorado, and I'd love to get a better idea when it was taken. We owned the store between maybe 1905 and maybe 1945. ...
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Does anyone recognize this uniform?

I think it may be a Polish uniform, but I'm not sure. The eagle hanging down from the chest pocket seems unique in my web surfing for similar uniforms My family came to US from Snietnica, Galicia in ...
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Did Man Ray photograph Nimet Eloui Bey in the all together?

I'm currently researching the photographer and model Lee Miller and the photographers, painters and models she knew, as well as anyone else to whom she was close. One of the people Miller was closest ...
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Does Siquieros' Echo of a Scream resemble a known news photo from the Second Sino-Japanese War?

This is Echo of a Scream, a 1937 painting by Mexican artist David Alfaro Siqueiros. According to the book History of Modern Art this painting was based on "an actual news photograph of a child in the ...
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What is the origin of the lake tank image that has become a meme?

This image, the template for the "Panzer of the Lake" meme, depicts a soldier from an unknown nation looking at what appears to me to definitely be a Panzer. However, no-one seems to know the origins ...
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Identify the cover model from an issue of Life Magazine

Could someone identify the cover model for the Life Magazine issue dated August 22, 1969: The issue itself is silent on this ...
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Any information about the photo with Army Uniforms

Found an old photo and want to identify which period does it belong to and where it could have been taken or which country are these soldiers from. Found word "Brattig" on the other side, maybe ...
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When was this photo of Mission Dolores *actually* taken?

While researching another question concerning the cemetery at Mission Dolores, I came across an image which gives a date of 1856, in Wikipedia. The image shows the mission in a state of disrepair, ...
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To what degree was photography responsible for America's changing perspective of Nazi Germany?

Clearly the USA was rather indifferent towards the Nazi regime earlier on. To what extent did pictures and media play a role in that reversal? The images from the Holocaust are pretty abundant now. ...
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What was this slender hooked rod thing that John Wilkes Booth posed with?

In this photo (¿daguerreotype?):     John Wilkes Booth is posing with some kind of hooked rod. It does not seem to be a pipe, cane, umbrella, or writing instrument. What is it? Here ...
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Who is this person depicted on a wall in Estonia?

Took this photo in Estonia... anybody know who the person pictured is?
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Is that armistice wagon photograph authentic?

The armistice on November 11th, 1918, was signed between 5:00 AM and 5:30 AM, french time (which was at this time UTC+0, one hour earlier than today). Wikipedia has a photo of the event, presumably ...
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What is the approximate date of this photo?

The photo below is of an (as yet) unidentified (English) family member and is from the London studio of Hermann Ernst. There is nothing printed on the back. The photo is part of a collection, the ...
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When did Josef Wissarionowitsch become "sexy" Stalin?

According to KnowYourMeme, among others, a relatively young Stalin is so good looking in a certain picture that he is often referred to as "sexy Stalin": This is indeed a pretty picture of a ...
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What is the story of this image?

I've seen this image a lot, particularly since the passing of Steve Jobs. I'm wondering if this is actually a photo of Steve before or after a presentation. Or, has there been a similar photo and this ...
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Is the photograph "England’s Revenge in India" real, staged, or fake?

Might have an interesting puzzle for you here… This picture, titled "England's Revenge in India", appeared in a Nazi propaganda book against Britain published in 1941: The propaganda book claims ...
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Are there photos/footage of the Titanic sinking?

I know there are drawings and paintings from witnesses depicting the sinking of RMS Titanic, but are there any actual photographs or footage of the event happening? This video claims to be footage ...
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Is Thomas Wedgwood's picture actually the first photograph?

I understand that a google search usually answers such questions, but I don't seem to find a definitive answer to this question. The University of Texas claims that the earliest known surviving ...
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What's the story behind this photo from WWI?

Warning: the photograph below is very graphic and may disturb some viewers, hence the spoiler tag. Click at your own risk. The picture shows the skeletal corpse of a dead German infantryman (the ...
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What happened to all the historical photos taken by Malcolm X?

In his autobiography, Malcolm X often mentions carrying numerous cameras around, including a film movie camera. There are also plenty of photos showing him with a camera. However neither his official ...
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Which was the first war in which photography was employed? [closed]

Undoubtedly photography has greatly changed public perception of war; but there is no clear point in which photography began to be used—whether for documenting war or anything else. So I’m left ...
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Millions of pictures and countless hours of video were taken during World War II. Why is it so hard to find archives online?

I've looked into this quite a bit and found collections in the National Archives and various websites, but they are small and highlight the best photos. Do you really need to travel to archives or ...
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Earliest Born Photographed Person

I recently came across an image of the well known daguerrotype of President Andrew Jackson taken in 1845. It lead me to wonder what is the earliest born photographed person. Andrew Jackson was born in ...
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Pushkin's daguerreotype and catalogues of early 19th century photographs

I recently came across of "Pushkin's daguerreotype", and was naturally awed by that. The daguerreotype bares strong resemblance to known portraits of Pushkin, but is it real or a hoax? The first ...
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Bears on Bicycles - What are early examples of photographs or paintings showing bicycles used with animals in circus acts?

Bicycles became popular during the early to mid-nineteenth-century. Around the same time, Isaac A. Van Amburgh was active as the first circus wild animal trainer. When did the practice of training ...
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When and why did smiling at strangers and in photos become customary in the United States?

In the US, in my experience, it's customary to smile when meeting a stranger. Even in an interaction as casual as passing someone in the street without a word, a smile is normal and expected. In ...
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Who is the person sitting to the left of corporal Hitler?

My son, in my opinion, looks like the person sitting next to corporal Hitler in this photograph. Does anyone know who this is or any information about where the photo was taken?
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Could you help me identify this photograph that was taken shortly after World War 2?

Could you help me identify this photograph? All I know is that it was taken shortly after World War 2.
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Are photos of WWII US Navy damage reports available online?

I have located a PDF of the USS Marblehead's Bomb Damage Report from 4 Feb 1942. The report lists plates of photographs which are not included in the report I have found. Do copies of this report ...
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What was the first major historical event to be photographed?

The first photograph is supposed to have been taken in the late 1820s. But what was the first major historical event to be photographed?
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When did commercial studio photography become common?

I was looking at this Wikipedia article, History of photography, and I wondered when commercial photography studios became common place and affordable for the average person. According to the ...
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