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When sailors were marooned on a deserted island, what were the odds of survival?

I recognize this is a difficult question to get data on because of survivorship bias. However many of the famous maroonings listed on Wikipedia were people who were rescued, and this is making me ...
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Did the famous French privateer Surcouf really drop that epic zinger on an anonymous British officer?

It is said that when a British captive officer taunted Surcouf with the words "You French fight for money while we fight for honour", Surcouf replied "Each of us fights for what he ...
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What was the name of Captain Kidd's ship?

To be precise, what was the name of Captain William Kidd's ship which he commanded in his ill-fated voyage from England to hunt pirates in the Indian Ocean? The name is given in many modern sources ...
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Was there a dry dock available to pirate ships during the golden age of piracy?

Was there a dry dock somewhere on one of the pirate havens during the 17th century, where a pirate-controlled Galleon could go to get extensive repairs done by career carpenters or shipwrights? I have ...
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When was the last US letter of marque issued?

Article I of the United States Constitution lists "grant[ing] Letters of Marque and Reprisal" as an explicit power of the Congress. Are these still being issued? If not, when was the last ...
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Did pirates call themselves pirates?

History is inevitably written by the victors, and while the golden age of piracy and pirates have been romanticised in recent years it is still clearly framed as villainous. Modern piracy is not ...
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What date did Henry Morgan capture his most famous flagship, the "Satisfaction"?

When Henry Morgan captured the French privateer ship, "Le Cerf Volant" he rechristened it the "Satisfaction" and used it as his flagship until it was lost near Panama in 1671 during a mission to ...
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Why did piracy thrive in the late 17th and early 18th centuries?

Why did piracy thrive in the late 17th and early 18th centuries? Was it because the sailors in the Royal Navy and privateers were not satisfied with their pay? Was it because since many wars were ...
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Has there been a recorded account of a cabin boy inspiring mutiny on board a ship?

I’ve googled...’ed... Nothing... I havent found ANY account of a cabin boy either killing a captain or leading a mutiny on any vessel or ship anywhere. Anyone have any recorded account or ...
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Who owned the ship Ensayo, and what were they doing near Baja California in 1842?

According to Plummer's The Shogun's Reluctant Ambassadors, in 1842, sea drifters from the Eijū-maru were picked up and by the Ensayo, a "Spanish pirate ship" with a Philippine crew. It was "carrying ...
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How many Manila Galleons were sacked and by whom?

From the 1500s into the 1800s New Spain operated the "Manila Galleon" trade route across the Pacific. Something over four hundred huge, wealthy ships sailed, and of course they did not all arrive. ...
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Identify the caricatured countries in an illustration about the XYZ affair

I've been reading about the XYZ affair and I've found this cartoon, in which a woman representing America is stripped by a group of Frenchmen in the presence of John Bull and other anthropomorphic ...
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What ships did pirates use in ancient Greece and Rome?

I imagine they did not have the funds to buy or build heavy military ships, so I wonder what did they use. Did they re-purpose civilian ships?
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Did a letter of marque give actual protection in the middle ages?

I was reading a book that touched on Eric of Pomerania, King of Denmark, Sweden and Norway. After he was dethroned in 1439, he set up as a pirate in the Baltic. Now, the book claims that this was not ...
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When did Comino become depopulated?

Comino, the smallest of the three Maltese islands, is covered in terraces and walls, which seems to indicate that at one time the entire island was heavily occupied and cultivated. As late as the 19th ...
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Did pirates really drink a lot of rum?

In every movie, cartoon, comic or any other fictional sources I have read or watched that involves sea pirates, it is always shown that their favorite beverage is rum. I want to know why sea pirates ...
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Why is there a statue of Francis Drake in Coquimbo, Chile?

The English buccaneer Sir Francis Drake had a rather hostile relationship with the Spanish Empire and its colonies, including Chile. As quoted in Wikipedia, [Francis Drake] sacked the port of ...
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What is the approximate value of treasure seized by privateers from 1567 to 1720?

What is the approximate value for the treasure seized by Spanish privateers from English ships between 1567 and 1720? For example, "Attacks by the Anglo-Dutch axis over the period 1567 to 1720 seized ...
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Why was there no concerted effort to end the Barbary pirate raids until the 1800's?

Barbary pirate raids on the Mediterranean coast led to widespread depopulation of the coasts from Venice to Malaga with the obvious exception of the larger cities. The pirate raids also seem to be the ...
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Were there ever actual organizations of pirates?

You can see depictions of pirate organizations in popular media a fair bit. For example, in many movies, and the Captain Morgan commercials. But I get the impression from my readings that most pirate ...
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