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What's the source that Henry IV was the first post-Norman conquest monarch to speak English as their first language?

Okay; the oft-cited fact that "Henry IV was the first English monarch after 1066 whose first language was English". Now, while I have no doubt it was, what I find puzzling about this is that ...
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What became of the Richard III infidelity surprise?

Back when Richard III of England's grave was discovered, a paper published in Nature Communications reported that while his identity was confirmed through a direct-female descendent of his sister, Y-...
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Did Richard II of England willingly abdicate the throne to Henry of Bolingbroke?

The Wikipedia article for Richard II explains that there are contradictory accounts of what happened when Henry of Bolingbroke usurped Richard II's throne in 1399. According to the official record (...
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Did Richard II of England officially name Roger Mortimer or Edmund Mortimer as his heir?

Richard II of England was childless which was one of the causes of the future War of the Roses between the House of Lancaster and the House of York. When Henry IV deposed Richard II in 1399, he ...
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Was any Church dispensation granted to Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine’s marriage?

They were 3rd cousins and therefore related within the seventh degree since consanguinity was determined by counting up to the nearest common ancestor. I read sources that said that they did not ...
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What happened to the burial sites of Edward I's children?

Despite being spared the destruction wrought upon other religious sites during the dissolution of the monasteries in the reign of Henry VIII, there appear to be quite a few ‘lost’ burial locations in ...
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Why is Richard I (The Lion-heart) considered to be a good king and Jean I a bad one?

I've been rereading "The Plantagenets: The Warrior Kings and Queens Who Made England" by Dan Jones and there is something I don't get. Richard I is praised for basically everything he did in his reign,...
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