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What is the work Academicorum Philosophorum Index Herculanensis, and how reliable is it?

I've been reading some text1 from a weird Turkish author, who writes about politics and philosophy in a deliberately obscure fashion. In one of his texts, he says that he read a quote from Plato "...
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0 answers

Did Plato practice pankration?

At what level, if at all did Plato practice the martial art of pankration and what direct evidence do we have for believing so? Pankration is a Greek martial art; a sort of bare knuckles MMA in that ...
10 votes
2 answers

Was Plato sold into slavery?

It is a commonly cited fact that Plato was held prisoner and sold as a slave. Later in the tale, a friend recognised him and paid for his freedom. My question is, did Plato ever work as a slave for ...
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Do we have any information on what the homes of Aristotle or Plato would have looked like?

I wonder because of how influential and famous they were at their time, immediately following, and effectively forever after that (with the exception of Aristotle's slight dark age of having his ...
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Is the story of Plato's arrest at Aegina plausible?

Diogenes Laërtius tells us that when Plato was transported to Aegina to be sold as a slave, he was arrested and was going to be executed without a trial: And Pollis took him to Aegina and there ...