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What was the ethno-linguistic makeup of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth?

What was the ethno-linguistic makeup of the Rzeczpospolita, that is, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth prior to the partitions? EDIT: Clarification, asking what were the percentages to total ...
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What can I learn from this man's uniform?

This is my Polish Great Grandfather - I'm trying to create his story by looking at his uniform. Imperial Russian Uniform? Lithuanian cross? Help! Photo taken in Saint Petersburg, Russia He was born ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Did the Ottomans conquer Poland-Lithuania?

Türk Tarihi | History of Turks claims that the Ottomans took Poland-Lithuania as a vassal in the late 1570s. Where did they get this from? I searched everywhere but I couldn't find anything.
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When did Wiktoria Narutowicz die?

Is it possible to find when Wiktoria ze Szczepkowskich, mother of Gabriel Narutowicz (his Wiki-page) died? I found but there is no date of death. I also checked in Gabriel Narutowicz ...
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Why did the Targowica Confederation not realise its armed opposition to the May Constitution of 1791 would result in the entire annexation of Poland?

Poland-Lithuania was one of the great powers of continental Europe after the treaty of Lublin in 1569. But after the rise of Russia as a great power after its defeat of the Swedish Empire it became ...
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