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What is known of the religion/mythology/legends of the Polynesians who migrated into Oceania?

I've been listening to a couple of Patrick Wyman's Tides of History podcast episodes about the archaeological, linguistic and genetic evidence on migration across Oceania by Austronesian speaking ...
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2 answers

Independent development of ocean navigation

I am wondering about who can reasonably claim to independently have developed navigating oceans. It is quite clear that the Iberians had the technology around 1500; and that the proto-Polynesians had ...
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Did the Inca Empire know about the Polynesians, or vice versa?

I'll split this question into two parts. Pre-Columbus: There's some evidence that Polynesians traveled back and forth between Oceania and South America before the arrival of Europeans. The sweet ...
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Pyramidal marae on one of the Pacific islands

About 10 years ago I saw some information on the Web that an ancient pyramid-like structure (marae) existed on one of the Pacific islands, but was demolished in the end of 19th century. There was even ...
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To what extent were Polynesians in contact with one-another before European contact?

Motivation Pacific islanders (Polynesians, Melanesians, Micronesians) before contact with Europeans were able seafarers that had discovered and settled virtually all Pacific islands that could ...
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