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The leader of Catholic Church, also the Bishop of Rome and head of Vatican state, previously Papal State. The first pope ever is St. Peter.

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Inquiry into the nature and roots of the temporal power of the Roman Catholic Pope:

The Roman Catholic Pope is head of both the Roman Catholic Church: "Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church", and a head of state: "Sovereign of the Vatican City State". Official list of Papal titles ...
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What was the relationship between the Catholic Church and the Carolingian emperors?

Charlemagne was crowned by the pope in the year 800. But was it Charlemagne's choice, or was he compelled to do so? Having conquered his lands, couldn't he just crown himself emperor? Moreover, did ...
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How historically accurate are the Assassin's Creed games? [closed]

I've been highly entertained recently watching youtube videos of a game series called Assassin's Creed. It tells the story of a family who are members of a Order (called Assasins) who have waged a war ...
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Was there the idea of "peaceful Crusades"?

Was there the idea of "peaceful Crusades", which had symbolic meanings for pilgrims, or was it just the political invasion of Palestine territory, initiated by religious people (Pope Sylvester II and ...
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