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Did people living in Stockholm, Sweden in the late 1700s (18th century) really have to fetch their mail manually?

Recently, I've been watching this well-spoken man on YouTube (yes, it's quite unique) talking (in Swedish) about 18th century (1700s, that is) Sweden, and Stockholm in particular. In one video, which ...
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What do the last four digits of this postal cancellation stamp mean?

How does one interpret the last digits "10-11"? The ones after the date?
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What was the postage from Japan to US in 1945?

I was wondering how many postage stamps it would require to send a letter from Japan to the US (and vice versa) around 1945, and during the occupation? And perhaps you might know what the stamps ...
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Why did this post card not allow communication with Japan?

In this postcard posted in Canterbury on 21 July 1908 (I assume) it is marked that: This space may be used for communication for Inland Postage and Foreign Countries, except Japan. Why?
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Has The USPS / APWU Ever Had A Strike Since 1970?

Here in Canada we presently have the CUPW engaged in a strike which is disrupting mail delivery. I talked to one of my friends in the US, and he was surprised to hear of a strike. Apparently they don'...
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How long did a letter take from Quebec to Bordeaux in 1929?

Just need this for authenticity for a novel I am writing . Thanks.
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Roman Letters in Japanese Postmarks

Why did the Japanese Post Office start using Roman characters in their postmarks for overseas mail in the late 1880s?
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When did the U.S. Postal Service completely transition from horse-drawn to motorized transport?

Simple question, hopefully not too broad. When did the USPS stop using horses & horse-drawn carriages for most of its transport and delivery? Were there any private competitors (such as modern-...
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