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Questions tagged [precolumbian-contact]

For questions pertaining to the contact between the American continent and its peoples with the rest of the world before the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus in c. A.D. 1492.

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29 votes
4 answers

Was there a Viking Exchange as well as a Columbian one?

In the Columbian Exchange, many tropical and temperate species crossed the Atlantic for the first time. Was there previously a Viking Exchange at higher latitudes? According to Jesse Byock's Viking ...
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What is the state of the art historical analysis of claims that Carthaginians discovered America?

The Carthaginians, and the Phoenicians in general, are renowned for their seafaring abilities. There is evidence for their circumnavigation of Africa, and strong evidence for the fact that Hanno the ...
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Is there a possibility that the Islamic civilization visited America before Columbus?

Islamic sources claim that there is historical evidence that an Islamic explorer visited America before Columbus and the Age of Discovery. An example. Columbus Was Not The First To Cross The Atlantic. ...
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Did Portuguese fisherman visit New England prior to 1492?

This might blow your mind a little bit, but one thing I notice, living in New England as I do, that there are the remnants of a tiny Portuguese community here going way, way back. For example, there ...
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