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How much did medieval horse armor cost?

I have a number of sources I use to get examples & documentation of costs in the medieval period of knightly implements such as armor, weapons, horses, supplies, etc. However, all of my usual ...
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How much did cannon cost in 1410?

I originally asked "How much did cannon cost during the renaissance?" However, comments below seem to be of the "ask for something more specific" kind. Well, ok then, how much did ...
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Was writing material for to-do list accessible in medieval Europe?

My workflow is rather dependent on having a notebook or just scraps of paper around at all times, so I can quickly jot down things that I need to remember. Today, paper for such purposes is almost ...
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What did a train ticket cost on a 1940 Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe train?

I would like to find out the cost of a train ticket on the Santa Fe & Topeka railroad around 1940, from Alpine Texas to Santa Fe via El Paso.
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What would have been the price of a loaf of bread in 1645 Amsterdam?

I want to know how much a loaf of bread would cost in Amsterdam in the year 1645. Preferably I'd like the pricing of a bakery near the harbor but a comparison of the bread prices between the harbor ...
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How much did gunpowder cost per barrel in 1605 in London?

I'm trying to work out how much the 32 barrels of gunpowder placed under the Houses of Parliament by the gunpowder plot conspirators cost at the time, then want to come up with an equivalent cost in ...
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How much did it cost to buy a ticket on the Orient Express from Paris to Istanbul in 1914?

I'm trying to find out how much it cost to travel on the Orient Express in its heyday. Was it a luxury for the rich, or something middle-class people could reasonably afford? To be concrete: how much ...
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What's the highest market price ever paid for salt, as measured in gold? [duplicate]

It's hard to disprove the myth that salt was once worth its weight in gold. Instead, what's the highest price of salt (as measured in gold) we have historical evidence for? Edit, explaining why I'm ...
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What was the price of gunpowder in Victorian England

What was the price of gunpowder in Victorian England? Any quantity will do.
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How much did revolvers cost in Victorian England?

What was the general price range for a decent revolver in Victorian England?
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Gold coin vs Silver coin exchange rate fluctuations in antiquity

Commodity prices fluctuate based on many factors (mostly use and availability). How much the exchange rate between gold and silver coins may fluctuate in a month or a year? Place: Judea & Bavel. ...
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How much did a good sword cost in Medieval Western Europe?

I realize the title is probably too broad to answer, so I'll narrow it down a bit: Sword types: Viking swords, and/or Arming swords Quality: Pattern welded iron/steel, crucible (or pseudo-crucible) ...
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What was the price of a horse around 1750?

I'm looking for the average price of a horse, in British Pounds, around the year 1750. I'm interested in draft horses (they pull carts), not riding horses, but the difference in price between those ...
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Price of a shot and a bottle of whiskey in 1870s American West

What was the price of a shot and a bottle of whiskey in the American West in 1870s roughly? For the end consumer, in a saloon, not wholesale.
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What was the price of basic foodstuff in 1930 Poland?

I'm working on a movie shot in Warsaw. The movie takes places in the 30s in Poland and we're currently searching for the prices of basic food during that time. Generally speaking, what was the price ...
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What is the average price, in silver, for a loaf of bread through history?

I would like to build a graph for the price of a loaf of bread based on exchange of silver. My research has shown that some items or commodities have remained very consistent when priced against other ...
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How can prices be compared over time?

I've just asked a question where Tyler Durden wrote in his answer that paper was expensive at Euclids time. So I wanted to ask the question: How did the price of paper / papyrus develop over time?...
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