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Is there an English translation for Excerpta de Legationibus, Constantine?

I'm looking into primary sources about the Huns by Priscus of Panium. The Fragmentary Classicising Historians of the Later Roman Empire, R.C Blockley directed me to to Constantine's Excerpta de ...
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Is it correct to say that primary sources only exist in 'historical times', not in 'pre-history'?

I am a secondary history teacher. I teach about a region that first was occupied by indigenous groups that lacked any written records, then later was taken over by European conquests. Some education ...
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Did the Prussian king Friedrich Wilhelm IV. (1795 - 1861) ever write: "Das Volk ist mir zum Kotzen" = "The people makes me sick"?

Where does the Prussian king write "Das Volk ist mir zum Kotzen" = "The people makes me sick," as claimed in 6:26 in Die Revolution von 1848 I musstewissen Geschichte? The video ...
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Was Emperor Norton I recognised by Kamehameha V?

Emperor Norton I "reigned" as Emperor of the United States from 1859 to his death in 1880 – though he was mostly ignored by the de facto government of the time. Wikipedia makes the claim ...
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Where are the 1921 census records for Haloch?

Haloch is a small village in Ukraine (Ukrainian wikipedia), part of the Zakarpattia Oblast. In 1921, it was part of Czechoslovakia. That year, there was a census, "The First Czechoslovak ...
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Did Bamako exist as a major settlement of trade and culture during the Mali empire?

Someone insisted to me there's no good evidence Bamako was a major city during or before the Mali empire. The best source I could track down on its existence and prominence from that time was this, ...
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Where can I find primary sources about the 1973 Arab oil embargo? Specifically from a non western perspective?

I'm trying to compare U.S/British media portrayals (newspaper articles, speeches, etc.) to ones coming from the Middle East at the time, but it's very difficult to find the latter, especially ...
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Where can I find fully translated letters from János Bolyai and Farkas Bolyai?

The mathematicians János Bolyai occupies an interesting place in the history of mathematics for the development of hyperbolic geometry. Certain quotations from letters between him and his father (the ...
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Did medieval libraries loan books to other libraries?

I'd like to know this: Did medieval libraries loan books to other libraries -- as opposed to something like having them transcribed and sending the copy? What do we know about the process? (e.g., ...
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Did US soldiers typically keep an official journal or log during the Civil War era?

During the Civil War, or time in US history thereabouts the end of the 19th Century, into the Indian Wars west of the Mississippi, would it be common practice for a member of a group of soldiers to ...
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Are there primary sources about Jinnah's vision for Pakistan?

Pakistan fell, a few years after independence, into military rule. I remember reading a few years ago that this was because of the deaths of its founding father and first prime minister (which is ...
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Where can I find the earliest surviving versions of Herodotus's Histories?

I'm looking for information re: the earliest versions of Herodotus's Histories. The two versions used on the Wikipedia page for Herodotus's Histories both trace back to Godley's translation. Godley's ...
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