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Prohibition most commonly refers to the period of American history from 1920-1933 when the sale and production of alcohol was banned by the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

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In real terms how many alcoholics were there before prohibition vs after prohibition?

I would like to know the actual number of alcoholics and/or the rate of alcoholism say in 1918 and 1933. Many thanks. 🤔
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How did the authorities not find the speakeasy clubs during the prohibition?

I've always been baffled and fascinated by this "prohibition" era in the USA between 1920 and 1933. That's 13 years! I know very well about the concept of "speakeasy" clubs, that is, illegal bars. ...
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What ships were used for rum-running?

So I'm writing a novel taking place during the Prohibition Era, and although I've got the basics down, I'm curious as to whether anybody knows any specifics to how rum-running worked. What kind of ...
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Did alcohol consumption increase in the U.S. after 1933?

Did people in the United States drink more alcohol after it became legal in 1933? Or was it the same? And how was it before it become illegal to drink in 1920?
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What were the achievements of the temperance movement?

The 18th Amendment introduced Prohibition. Did Frances Willard, the Woman's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) and the wider temperance movement achieve anything else? For example: Did the WCTU have ...
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To what extent was prohibition supported by the American public?

I read an answer here that said the prohibition was imposed on cities against their will. A bit of research on Google seem to say that it was pushed through because people didn't realize even wine ...
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During the U.S. Prohibition, how did they get away with drinking alcohol?

I have heard about countless stories talking about people drinking during the Prohibition. How was this possible? How did they get away with drinking alcohol without getting caught?
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Was "the modern cocktail" intended to mask the foul taste of Prohibition-era liquor?

I have long suspected that what we know today as a "cocktail" was invented to mask the taste of bad liquor. Indeed I've found several unsupported assertions to this effect online, generally pointing ...
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