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Questions tagged [proof]

A chain of evidence that confirms a given statement or assertion

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How were the Ryōjin Hishō (Treasured Selection of Superb Songs) authenticated?

The Ryōjin Hishō is a collection of songs from the end of the Heian period in Japan, compiled by the emperor Go-Shirakawa in 1179. It was notable for focusing songs which were popular at the time, ...
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Do Columbus' letters reveal that he was a Marrano? [closed]

In this popular CNN article, the author raises many arguments to prove that Columbus was a Marrano (hidden Jew), I found none to be very compelling besides for the following one: At the top left-...
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How useful are mythological king lists and geneologies for historians? [closed]

(some sources distinguish between mythology and legends; for the purpose of this question, I'm asking about narrations about human beings. For example stories of everyday human beings, genealogies of ...
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What historical evidence do we have regarding the Lost Colony of Roanoke?

In grade school, Americans are told a very basic story of Roanoke colony. A group of colonists arrive in the New World and establish the colony. The first American of English descent is born there: ...
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Is there any proof that Robin Hood existed?

Is there any written proof/documentation that Robin Hood ever existed? Did he ever get arrested and got his name written in the prison books or something like that?
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