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Questions tagged [propaganda]

Questions related to the history of the attempt to influence perception and/or opinion through the use of promoting the spread of information which is neither impartial nor objective, designed to produce a desired result, often also accompanied by withholding or limiting the spread of objective or impartial information which is contrary to the designed narrative.

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19 votes
2 answers

Did the German people actually know Joseph Goebbels as the "Minister of Propaganda"?

I've been trying to understand this for some time now. It seems to me that propaganda should only work if the audience doesn't know that it's propaganda. So if the Nazis' goal was to control its ...
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30 votes
5 answers

At which point in time did the majority of German population become aware of the Holocaust?

I've read the wikipedia pages on Responsibility for the Holocaust and German Resistance to Nazism but the answer is not clear. It's established that large numbers of Germans were aware of the ...
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34 votes
3 answers

When did the hypocrisy to call a dictatorship "free, democratic, republic etc." start?

If we take a look at country designations, with depressing regularity the most repressive ones call themselves e.g.: Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) Democratic Republic of the ...
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6 votes
4 answers

What access did people in the Warsaw pact countries have to Western television and radio?

Did people in socialist East Germany and Central Europe really watch Western television as casually as Westerners did, during the cold war? Were there laws against it? Were TV and radio receivers ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Who was the first to accuse enemy troops of impaling babies, cutting fetuses from women's bellies, etc.?

In a surprising number of conflicts, propagandists have accused enemy troops of very similar (and appalling) atrocities. Among the most common allegations are claims that babies had been impaled on ...
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3 votes
2 answers

When did the German people learn that they had a large, powerful military, in violation of the Versailles Treaty?

According to the terms of the Versailles Treaty at the end of the First World War, Germany's military was limited to a force so tiny as to be utterly irrelevant in any major conflicts. When Hitler ...
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