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Questions tagged [propaganda]

Questions related to the history of the attempt to influence perception and/or opinion through the use of promoting the spread of information which is neither impartial nor objective, designed to produce a desired result, often also accompanied by withholding or limiting the spread of objective or impartial information which is contrary to the designed narrative.

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How did US, and the Western world's people react when USSR suddenly became an ally during WWII?

Before the USSR's participation in WWII with the West, it had a non-aggression pact with Germany, invaded Poland, and is basically the super-villain of the Red Scare. But suddenly, after USSR became ...
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When, where and why did ascribing insanity to cannabis use begin?

When reading about the historical perceptions of cannabis, especially those of the elite, cannabis is often said to cause insanity. I'm pretty sure there was a point when British elites were talking ...
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What is the context of the use of injustice/unrightousness (不義/fugi) in WW2 era Japanese propaganda?

The Imperial Japanese military song Nihon Rikugun (日本陸軍) begins with the line "天に代わりて不義を討つ" ("defeat injustice in place of righteousness"). What exactly did they consider 不義/fugi ...
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