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Did Seattle prostitutes call themselves "Seamstresses"?

In Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, "ladies of negotiable affection" are referred to as "Seamstresses", and are part of the "Seamstresses' Guild", despite not ...
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What is/are the earliest first-hand account of a sex worker?

I was just reading Hell's Belles: Prostitution, Vice, and Crime in Early Denver by Clark Secrest. I can't find the part now (it's not that important), but he comments that we have no surviving diary ...
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How reliable is Herodotus' report on Babylonian sacred harlotry?

I'm looking for confirmation regarding Herodotus' report on sacred harlotry in Babylon: The foulest Babylonian custom is that which compels every woman of the land to sit in the temple of Aphrodite ...
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Why would "loose women" give you bad health?

Many times over the years, I have heard in various contexts, in many different variations, basically the phrase/sentiment: My secret to staying healthy is simply to never smoke, drink or use ...
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Has there ever been a society that viewed prostitution as a prestigious vocation?

Prostitutes today are not generally viewed with respect - certainly many (most?) people would be rather offended if someone suggested they become a prostitute, or if their children choose to become ...
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