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Questions tagged [protestant-church]

Questions related to the Christian religions that grew out of the Catholic church.

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Who was the youngest archbishop ever? [duplicate]

Here is a link to a question asking about the youngest bishop ever. Has there ever been an archbishop or bishop younger than the 16-year-old James of Nicosia? There are many answers to the question, ...
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What is the source of the quote: "the church is a hospital"?

There is an often-quoted saying of Augustine that “The church is not a hotel for saints, it is a hospital for sinners.” However, in conducting a cursory search of the words on the internet, one finds ...
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Were religious people in the 13 colonies more likely to be loyalists?

I've been teaching 4th/5th graders using the text "Social Studies Alive!" and talking about whether religious people in the colonies tended to lean loyalist vs patriot vs neutral in the ...
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How were expelled ministers "witnessed" during the Great Ejection of 1662?

While investigating the local history of a meeting house in the town of Cockermouth, in Cumbria, England, I came across a reference to a "Brief Memoir of the Late Isaac Brown, Esq. of Cockermouth,...
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What did Robespierre think of Huguenots?

I've been reading up recently about the Huguenots ("French Protestants" could be synonym) and how they lived, and this question intrigues me- Did Maximilien Robespierre have anything to say ...
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Could someone who had joined a monastery decide to leave?

Could a nun or monk that had been admitted to a monastery "quit" and (more or less) return to the life they lived before joining? I am mostly interested in Europe and Christianity ...
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What was the motivation for the Church of England to begin recording births, marriages and deaths in 1538?

I have heard that Thomas Cromwell convinced Henry VIII to institute the keeping of these registers, after seeing the practice during a tour of Europe. It took many parishes a long time (and the ...
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Why are church reformist centers all outside the boundary of the original Roman Empire?

Is it a coincidence that the church reformist centers are virtually all outside the original Roman Empire border, the Roman Limes? It seems reasonable these areas - at least from the beginning in ...
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What was the biggest region in the Holy Roman Empire that was never Protestant, if any?

It is well known that Germany is denominational divided. This comes from the time of Reformation and esp. the Peace of Augsburg 1555, when the right of each prince of the Empire to decide over the ...
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Were princes and other large landowners motivated to support the Reformation by the frequency of Church holidays?

Church holidays or holy days were very frequent in the middle ages. Here is one link Medieval Holidays that testifies this: "The rural population of the Middle Ages had their days of rest and ...
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Representative early Anglican hymns?

Are there any church hymns that would be in use in the early (16th to early 18th centuries) Anglican church, and would be distinctly Anglican? (In the kind of way in which Ein Feste Burg is distinctly ...
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Late 17th century colonial Anglican pastor

I am preparing to play an Anglican pastor/priest at a live-action role-playing game. The (pretend) location: an English colonial outpost in the Caribbean. The (pretend) time period: circa 1695. And ...
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Why are Luther's 95 Theses seen as so important?

I've learned about how Luther's 95 Theses were extremely important to the Protestant Reformation and how they really defined the beginnings of Protestantism. According to's article on "...
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When, and where, was the word 'Anglican' first used in the context of the Protestant Church of England?

According to Wikipedia, "The word Anglican originates in ecclesia anglicana, a medieval Latin phrase dating to at least 1246 that means the English Church." However, this usage referred to the ...
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Martin Luther's 95 Theses [closed]

Did Martin Luther actually nail a copy of his 95 Theses to a church door? What do we know and not know about this?
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Why were cobblers so radical?

Peter Ackroyd writes on page 88 of his account of the English Civil War: Cobblers were well known for their radical Protestant sympathies. What was so special about cobblers?
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What happened to Dirk Willems' family after his martyrdom?

From Wikipedia Dirk Willems was a Dutch martyred Anabaptist who is most famous for escaping from prison, turning around to rescue his pursuer —who had fallen through thin ice while chasing ...
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What differentiates a priest, a clerk, a capellanus, a subdeacon and a rector? [closed]

I have been looking at the list of rectors of Eversholt church, Bedfordshire, from The various people listed there are each described ...
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When was the first pentecostal church created? [closed]

When and where was the first pentecostal church created?
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What was the attitude towards Martin Luther among early non-Catholic Christians in Britain?

Were his writings and example praised, ignored, or shunned? Britain was abuzz with political and religious printed works at least by the time of the Civil War, so he must have been known about.
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What happened to the Polish Calvinists?

According to the Wikipedia article on Calvinism: Although much of Calvin's work was in Geneva, his publications spread his ideas of a "correctly" reformed church to many parts of Europe. [...] It ...
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What is the status of Weber's protestant ethic thesis?

Max Weber in his famous book The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism elaborates a thesis that relates the development of the capitalistic system is a result of the work ethic that emerged ...
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Will someone help me understand the following quotation about Calvinism?

Okay, working on some class notes for school, and I stumbled upon a sentence which seems like it's in another language to me in the text: "To Luther’s emphasis on the individual’s relationship to ...
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What was the judicial body in 16th century France called?

I was listening to a series of audio lectures on Religious wars in Europe. In the lecture on French wars of religion, there was a mention of a judicial authority in Paris. However, I couldn't catch ...
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Why didn't the Great Awakening spread to the Spanish Colonies?

Since I have begun paying more attention to early South and Latin American history it made me wonder about the extent of the religious movement in the British Colonies that we call the Great Awakening;...
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When did the Charismatic Movement start? [closed]

When did the christian Charismatic Movement start?
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What were the responses to Copernicus' heliocentric theory?

Popular explanations often mention that the "Catholic Church" had a problem with Copernicus and his heliocentric theory, neglecting that even a scientific disagreement at that period would likely have ...
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What was the significance of the term "Lollard" in describing religious dissenters? [closed]

When John Wycliffe's followers gained support from the common people, why did the church call them Lollards? What does Lollard mean? Why didn't they just call them Wycliffites?
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What is the relevance of the Confession of Augsburg to the Colloquy at Poissy?

According the wikipedia article Colloquy at Poissy Catharine [de' Medici] appointed a smaller committee of five Calvinists and five Roman Catholics. Their task was to devise a formula on which the ...
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