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What's the proxy war that the USSR spent most resources on?

Off the top of my head it might be Afghanistan, but I'm not totally sure despite direct troop participation. They also sent substantial aid to Vietnam, North Korea, and various Arab countries fighting ...
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How could temporary surrender of self-government help Newfoundland with its debts?

According to Wikipedia, Newfoundland had accumulated a significant amount of debt by building a railway across the island, which was completed in the 1890s, and by raising its own regiment during ...
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Where can I find historical taxation/revenue datasets for imperial countries in the early 20th century?

I'm a grad student trying to conduct research, and my project depends on finding a dataset which enumerates taxation and revenue by colonial-era and post-colonial governments within the early 20th ...
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To what extent was the US government financed by land expropriations between 1790 and 1846?

How significant was land expropriation as a source of US federal, state, and local government revenue between 1790 and 1846? I chose 1846 as the breakpoint because of the Walker Tariff; feel free to ...
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How can I evaluate the relative fiscal burden on different groups in the US, for various periods between 1790 and 1846?

What are some good ways to evaluate the relative burden of government finance on different groups in the US, for various periods between 1790 and 1846? I'm especially interested in state and local ...
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How significant were government-linked enterprises as a source of revenue for the United States between 1790 and 1846?

What proportion of US government (federal,state,local) revenue came from profits or debt issuance of government-linked enterprises between 1790 and 1846? I chose 1846 as the breakpoint because of the ...
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Did Empress Cixi divert funds for the Beiyang Fleet to build the Summer Palace?

There is a popular story that Empress Dowager Cixi diverted funds originally intended for the Beiyang Fleet in order to upgrade the Summer Palace. This is significant because the amount - approx. 22 ...
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Is it true that Newton ordered the hanging of counterfeiters?

I've read somewhere that Newton ordered the hanging of criminals that were cheapening the crowns coinage whilst he was master of the mint. I find this a little surprising having really known him as a ...
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Did the North give the South its debt after Civil War ended?

In discussions with a colleague of mine many years ago, concerning the American Civil War (aka the War Between the States), he mentioned that “... the North left/gave all the [financial] debt to the ...
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How was city cleaning financed and organized in the late 19th century?

This answer about usage of horses contains a brief description of the situation of New York. Are there examples where city cleaning was done by firms or was the communal government responsible for ...
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What were factors that led to a decline in bond yields during World War II given that the opposite should have happened?

Huge financing is required for wars. World War II was the largest-scale war in human history. Therefore, the large borrowing should have led to a rise in bond yields. Amazingly, bond yields dropped ...
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Why did Britain decide to issue perpetual bonds during Napoleonic era?

Background A few years ago I was a student of an economic course about loans, debts, interests, NPV etc. The trainer mentioned "The UK took a loan to fund wars against Napoleon. This has no term, ...
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