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What is the structure in front of the entrance to Menkaure's pyramid?

Looking at the site around the pyramid of Menkaure on the Giza plateau (Egypt) in Google Earth, I've noticed what seems to be the remains of paving of a structure in front of the pyramid's entrance, ...
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Are there pyramids at Sternenfels?

The author Frederick Dodson in his rather strange book "Extraterrestrial Linguistics" (2020) makes the claim that several pyramids have been excavated in the German town of Sternenfels. I ...
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Is limestone robbed out from pyramids ever seen in local use?

So, in most Roman archaeological sites most of the stone work is “robbed out” but it can be found re-used in churches and other buildings. But I often hear that the limestone covering the pyramids was ...
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Where can I find illustrations online depicting Idrisi's coffer in the Queen's chamber in the "Khufu" pyramid

I believe I have found sufficient evidence that points to a block of stone, not necessarily a coffer as stated by Idrisi, being inside the niche in the Queen's Chamber blocking the entrance to the ...
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Does the Proto Canaanite ‘mother serpent’the Pyramid text of Unas/Wenis have another known name or epithet? The mother serpent in the Pyramid text of Unas/Wenis mentions the mother serpent in Proto Canaanite. Is this mother serpent known to ...
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Why did the Middle Kingdom stop building pyramid tombs?

In the Old Kingdom, the Egyptians built pyramids to serve as tombs for their pharaohs. In the Middle Kingdom, they dug in the cliffs in the Valley of the Kings. What is the reason for them changing ...
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Mesoamerican and Giza's Pyramids [closed]

I am not a history major but I am very interested in Pyramids and their origin. Is there any theory that says Mesoamerican and Giza's pyramids were build before continental drift ?? If so, can you ...
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How did thieves get into Egyptian pyramids?

I've heard that most of the treasures in the pyramids are supposed to have been stolen by later thieves. I wonder what was their method of getting in? Wasn't the pyramid sealed after the Pharaoh's ...
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Are there known completely sealed chambers in Egyptian pyramids?

According to new measurements, there likely is a large hidden chamber in the Great Pyramid (Paper). There is already speculation about its contents, with people looking at religious sources the ...
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What colors were used as paint in the construction of the ziggurats in early Sumer?

I remember many years ago going through a book about ancient civilizations in Mesopotamia. In the passages where the ziggurats were described there was a mention that each level of the pyramid was ...
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Are the pyramids too old?

In Robert Temple's 1 book "Egyptian Dawn", the author exposes a series of problems with Egyptology that he found while exploring Egyptian temples and ruins. When he applied a technique called surface ...
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Why did Pre-Columbian Americans not build city walls?

The question At the time of the European invasions after 1492, the most technologically advanced cultures in the Americas had progressed to about the same stage as the Bronze Age in the old world. ...
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Did the Ptolemaic Egyptians know how old the Pyramids were?

By the beginning of the Ptolemaic dynasty, the Pyramids of Giza were already some 2200 years old. Significant cultural differences separated the Hellenistic Ptolemies from the Old Kingdom. Were the ...
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How many stones high are the pyramids of Giza? [closed]

How many stones high are the pyramids of Giza, on the outside? There are three pyramids, did they have a pre-determined number of stones in height? in that case was it representative of something? ...
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Alignment of South American and Egyptian Pyramids [closed]

I don't remember when and where I hear, but I remember something like this: several pyramids in Egypt are aligned with pyramids in South America . That is, in South America are several (if correctly ...
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What machine technology did the Egyptians have to build the great pyramids?

Reading the "Account of Egypt" by Herodotus, it says of the great pyramid of "Cheops" (Macauley translation): This pyramid was made after the manner of steps which some called "rows" and others "...
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Were any Egyptian pyramids designed to be half an octahedron? [closed]

Are there Egyptian pyramids which were modeled to resemble half an octahedron? Do the angles of some pyramids correspond to angles of an octahedron? For those who don't know what an octahedron is: ...
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What is the layout of Ancient Egyptian pyramid shafts?

I'm investigating proposed alignments between pyramid* shafts and constellations for a video project, and for it, I need to know shaft angles and directions, the directions with respect to true North ...
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Why is there a big gash in the side of the Pyramid of Menkaure?

Why is there a big gash in the side of the Pyramid of Menkaure? If you look at a picture of the pyramid, on the side where they have the entrance to get inside, above that there is a 100 yard long ...
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What is the anomaly in drawing of the Great Pyramid by National Geographic?

In the chart below, which comes from this page, there is a gray outline of another shaft and room behind the Queen's chamber description text. Does anyone know anything about this room or where it ...
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Were servants killed and entombed in Egyptian pyramids?

I remember reading somewhere that along with the earthly possessions of the pharaoh, their favorite servants were also killed and entombed inside the pyramids. Is this true?
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What kind of labor was used to build the Egyptian pyramids?

Most people believe the pyramids were built with slave labor (or at least it seems that way). This notion is perpetuated by movies; the building of the pyramids often evokes images of ancient ...
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Building of the pyramids [closed]

The Pyramids are an engineering marvel which, to my understanding, until today cannot be duplicated who planned it? (I remember once hearing a super strange theory I was wondering if this "theory&...
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