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Is there any evidence that the black community was anticipating election-related violence in the lead up to the Ocoee Race Massacre?

PART I: THE OCOEE MASSACRE The "Ocoee Massacre", was an incident of race-related violence directed at the black community in Ocoee, Florida on 2 November 1920. I'll briefly summarize the ...
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In the days of slavery, were heterosexual interracial pairings more common with black men and white women, or black women and white men? [closed]

Of course, the anti miscegenation laws were in place that prohibited interracial marriage, so it must have been something that went on and so was a concern. On that note, did miscegenation laws mainly ...
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What was the ethnic identity of first class sergeant Patrick Joseph Cleary?

Recently, I saw this video concerning two Los Alamos criticality accidents, which took place in 1945 and in 1946. The second accident took place on May 21, 1946. There were eight persons in the room ...
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The situation in nazi Germany of a Jewish male married to an "aryan" female vs Jewish female married to an "aryan" male?

For some reason, most of what I have read deals with Jewish males who were married to "aryan" females. This might be because the other way around, the female would have converted to ...
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How did Martin Luther King Jr. Day become a day of service?

Martin Luther King day was officially declared a national day of service by the King Holiday and Service Act of 1994. But I have been able to find no discussion on the internet of how the idea ...
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What were the racial views of the Nazis towards the Greeks?

I was going through this article on the Greek Genocide (1914-1922), and stumbled upon this quote from the 1935 publication, Ankara: An interpretation of the new becoming in Turkey, by Norbert Bischoff:...
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Where was Canadian political graphic satirist John Henry Walker's "Human Races" drawing published?

John Henry Walker was a 19th century Canadian illustrator 1 who produced political graphic satire in several publications including a short-lived one he founded, 'Punch in Canada' [2]. One particular ...
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Were prisons in Maine mixed race in 1947?

In the movie The Shawshank Redemption, white Andy Dufresne (played by Tim Robbins) and black Ellis "Red" Redding (played by Morgan Freeman) are in the same prison. I don't remember if it was said ...
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History of ideas, and importance of, "race" as a concept in the United States? [closed]

"Race" (a concept and social action) appears to have been accepted by "the state" (the repressive and administrative function) in the United States as a self-evident fact in the state's law, ...
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Did "The Cosmic Race" inform "The Anthropophagic Manifesto"?

José Vasconcelos published The Cosmic Race in 1925. In his view Mexico could construct a new, better race from the diverse origins of its people. Oswald de Andrade published his Anthropophagic ...
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Why did James Baldwin call it "magnificent twenties"?

In his "Many Thousands Gone", Baldwin wrote The Negro, who had been during the magnificent twenties a passionate and delightful primitive, now became, as one of the things we were most self-...
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When did the accusations of convict stain against white Australians stop being culturally significant?

"White Australians" in the 19th and early 20th century were generally subject to a cultural belief of genetic criminality from other British settler societies, this varied from cultural claims to ...
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How were interracial relationships between African-Americans and Latinos treated in Southern states before the Loving decision?

There are two states in the American south that historically had large numbers of both African-Americans and Latinos, as well as laws banning marriage between black people and white people: Texas and ...
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What is the primary source evidence for the theory that the African Ancient Egyptians are not black Africans whose origin is sub-Saharan Africa? [closed]

The question When did the ancient Egyptians discover or reach the Nile Headwaters? begins with the premise that the African Ancient Egyptians (pre 332 B.C.E.) did not originate at the headwaters of ...
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Who is the first person in the 17th century to describe themselves as a "white" person and who invented the term "white race"?

According to the Wikipedia article entitled White people The concept of a unified white race did not achieve universal acceptance in Europe when it first came into use in the 17th century, or ...
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What was the impact of race in the French Foreign Legion in the 20th century?

Lately I've been interested in the French Foreign Legion and found that it's somewhat difficult to find information about racial topics on the subject. Were for example blacks allowed to serve, and if ...
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When did official documentation stop referring to black people as Negros in the States?

Watching Why does the US have so many child brides?, there was an interesting part where marriage licenses were shown: where under race, in two places, it is clearly written as: Negro The ...
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Why are Turkish people and other Turkik people considered of Mongolic race if their language is not in the Mongolic language family? [closed]

I saw that Turkish people are considered of Mongolic race even though Mongolic and Turkic are separate language families? Why are those races considered the same but their languages are so different ...
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What caused the shift from racially-motivated violence to segregation in the Reconstruction era?

There seems to have been a shift from racially motivated violence (lynchings, etc) right after the Civil War to more subtle and insidious forms of legal oppression (Jim Crowe laws, segregation). Is it ...
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Did the Creole estate in Russian America encompass Siberian creoles?

A large number of Russian American Company employees and colonists were Creoles, or the product of an ethnic Russian father with a native (Aleut, Tlingit, etc.) mother. They were established as a ...
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What is the extent to which Malcolm X's activism was influenced by his Muslim beliefs?

Have been researching the role of religion on the Civil Rights movement and while I am aware that Malcolm X identified as a Muslim it is unclear as to how this belief influenced his (and his ...
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Was the Abolition of Slavery in the United States perceived and advertised as an effort to improve race relations or as an improvement to labour laws?

Firstly, a note: This is a genuine question born of real curiosity, and not an attempt to belittle either the modern socialist cause or the difficulties faced by non-Caucasians in the pre-Abolition (...
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What political events led to the Separate Car Act that was upheld in Plessy v. Ferguson?

One often reads that in 1896 in the case of Plessy versus Ferguson, the United States Supreme Court let stand a Louisiana law, the Separate Car Act, that required white and non-white passengers to ...
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What nullified the Missouri Compromise?

I always thought it was the Dred Scott decision in 1857, when Chief Justice Roger Taney declared the compromise unconstitutional. But I've also heard it was nullified by the Kansas Nebraska act in ...
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Was slavery in the United States legally limited to blacks?

Was slavery legally exclusive to race? That is, could blacks and only blacks in the United States be considered slaves under the law? As an example, if an owner were to import into the United States ...
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How was Martin Luther King Jr. viewed by white Americans at the time? [closed]

In today's United States, MLK Jr. is universally regarded as a hero and patriot (...or as universally regarded as one can be in this nation). By that, I mean all races, all political parties—everyone ...
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How were blacks excluded from juries in the US southern states in the 1930s?

As I am in the process of re-reading Harper Lee's To Kill a Mocking Bird, I did a bit of elementary research on the subject of jury selection in Alabama. I discovered that in the Scottsboro boys case (...
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Other examples of Enclave created for protection of a Mixed Race

McCluskieganj/McCluskiegunj was a town created out of several villages to secure a place for Anglo-Indians. Disambiguation: By Anglo-Indians I mean it in the way it has been used since the Indian ...
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What were the FBI's motives for wanting to discredit MLK?

J. Edgar Hoover's FBI had a vendetta against Martin Luther King, Jr. They wiretapped him, threatened to expose his sexual misconduct, accused him of Communist sympathies, and even went so far as to ...
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Were there a British 'Négritude' movement?

Did a movement similar to Négritude exist in the UK or amongst Anglo-Saxon Africans? Were there British equivalents of French West Africa's Léopold Sédar Senghor, Alioune Diop, or Aimé Césaire - ...
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