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Where was Canadian political graphic satirist John Henry Walker's "Human Races" drawing published?

John Henry Walker was a 19th century Canadian illustrator 1 who produced political graphic satire in several publications including a short-lived one he founded, 'Punch in Canada' [2]. One particular ...
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Is there any evidence that the black community was anticipating election-related violence in the lead up to the Ocoee Race Massacre?

PART I: THE OCOEE MASSACRE The "Ocoee Massacre", was an incident of race-related violence directed at the black community in Ocoee, Florida on 2 November 1920. I'll briefly summarize the ...
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Did "The Cosmic Race" inform "The Anthropophagic Manifesto"?

José Vasconcelos published The Cosmic Race in 1925. In his view Mexico could construct a new, better race from the diverse origins of its people. Oswald de Andrade published his Anthropophagic ...
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