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Questions tagged [railroads]

Transportation of goods and passengers with vehicles moving on rails. Having very large impact on the industrial era, railroads were one of the basis of modern capitalism.

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Why did the Georgia Railroad and Banking Company have a banking company?

I am reading newspapers from Savannah, GA 1842 (Oct. & Nov.) and they often mention the Georgia Railroad and Banking Company (originally called Georgia Railroad Company). I am not understanding ...
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Does this WWII photo show a double-track railway?

Recently I found a Bellingcat article titled Solving World War II Photo Mysteries With Open Source Techniques. They close the article by saying: There are still many more images in the IBCC archives ...
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Is there a breakdown for transported goods on different routes in the Persian corridor in WWII?

In August 1941, the Soviet Union and the United Kingdom together occupied Iran. One motivation for that invasion was the establishment of a supply line to the Soviet Union through Iran, the so-called ...
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Questions regarding Royal Gorge Railroad War in Colorado

I am seeking information about the Colorado Railroad War, also known as the Royal Gorge Railroad War, in the Royal Gorge, Colorado. I am specifically wondering if this conflict was resolved through a ...
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What happened to railroad workers whose jobs became redundant?

In the early 20th century, the steam locomotive was the king of land transportation. The railroad industry was one of the largest employers in the US, employing massive numbers of workers to build and ...
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