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Are there any reliable documented records of members or operations of the French Resistance during World War 2?

I am working on a research project in which a Polish World War 2 veteran has received a number of medals from France. These medals are as follows: Commemorative Medal of the War 1939 - 1945 War ...
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Is there a location to find the personnel roster of the No. 300 Polish Bomber Squadron during WW2?

I'm working on a research project and I am looking to confirm that certain individuals were part of the No. 300 Polish Bomber Squadron during WW2. Is there a place online or offline where one could ...
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How do I find the sources which determined the year of the fall of Babylon?

I'm really asking a general question about the study of history. Allegedly, the Babylonian Empire fell to the Persians under Cyrus the Great in 539 BCE. All articles regarding this event simply take ...
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How to cite sources in a way thats translateable

When I'm in a discussion with a fellow from a different language background and we both don't speak the language of our primary source, but both refer to translations to our native languages, How ...
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How can I find the most complete list of the names of Kaytn Massacre victims?

The Katyn Massacre refers to a series of mass executions of Polish prisoners by Soviet authorities during WW2. The number of victims is estimated to be over 22,000. How can I go about finding the ...
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How to research controversial history?

I wouldn't be naming the specific examples as that might (will) needlessly divert the attention away from the question itself. Let us say I am trying to research about historical events in a region. ...
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