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Questions tagged [revolution]

An internal state of change within a political unit, organized by a typically popular movement formed with the express intent of overthrowing the established government for said political unit.

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21 votes
3 answers

What caused the 1979 Iranian revolution to become Islamic?

How did an initially anti-Shah revolution become an Islamic revolution? Was it because of Khomenei's return to Iran such that he seized the Iranian revolution?
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19 votes
2 answers

Were Quintidis holidays in the French Republican calendar?

I did some research on the French Republican calendar and found some contradictory information on weekly (or decadian?) holidays. Wikipedia (and most other articles I found) mention: The calendar was ...
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32 votes
8 answers

Why do revolutions "eat their own?" What is the sociological dynamic here?

We have a number of cases in history of revolutionary movements growing increasingly radicalized by a kind of internal dynamic that eliminates more moderate factions. Instances include the Jacobins, ...
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18 votes
4 answers

What was the first successful non violent independence movement?

It is a known fact that Mahatma Gandhi launched a non-violent movement which freed the Indian subcontinent from the British rule on 15th August 1947. But was this the first instance that a freedom ...
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12 votes
5 answers

What happens after a widespread social chaos? [closed]

I have a pretty limited knowledge in History but I want to know the future (or outcome) of the Tunisian revolution based on the development of current events and also on some data that I know/can ...
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10 votes
5 answers

Have revolutions been won without the military establishment?

Various historical and political theorists (for instance, Bruce Bueno de Mesquita) have asserted that the support, or, at most, the abstention of a country's military is necessary for a successful ...
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6 votes
5 answers

How accurate is Russell on liberalism versus fanaticism in war?

After the second world war, reflecting on the rule of empiricism versus various kinds of dogmatism in political philosophy, Bertrand Russell writes (Philosophy and Politics, 1947; emphasis mine): ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Les Misérables historical setting

What is the period in French history portrayed in Les Misérables in the early 1800s? Also, who was the French King at that time - the restored King? I thought the French Revolution was in the late ...
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4 votes
1 answer

How and Why Did the Soviet Union Collapse? [closed]

How did the Soviet Union collapse? (Collapse meaning loss of central power over its member states who declared their independence.) Was it economic, and to what extent? Was it Ronald Reagan and ...
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2 votes
3 answers

To what extent did the "Arab Spring" protesters meet their goals?

Too what extent did the protesters throughout the Arab spring in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt achieve their aims? What happened after the various regimes resigned, what has changed and what would the ...
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