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Richard I. King of England during 1157 to 1199. Also known as Richard the Lionhearted or Coer de Lion.

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What and who killed Richard the Lionheart and what happened to him? [closed]

Various sources over the Internet and the book I read invariably give different explanations as to what and who killed Richard the 1st. The book I read states that the King died "having sustained ...
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Was Richard I's imprisonment by Leopold of Austria justified?

I read in Wikipedia and Britannica about Richard I of England regarding his imprisonment and I was perplexed by the fact that a sovereign monarch, and a crusader at that, could be imprisoned by a ...
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What gift did Saladin send to Richard when he was ill?

What gift did Saladin send to Richard when he was ill? This is a question I got asked in m H|W and I didn't find it. Please, can anyone help me?
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Anthropophagy perpetrated by crusaders?

King Tafur's men reportedly ate human flesh during the first crusade. The same was said of King Richard and his men during the second crusade: King Richard shall warrant There is no flesh so ...
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How did Richard I sail through the strait of Gibraltar?

Here's something that puzzles me. At the start of the third crusade, Richard I sailed to the holy land around Europe, through the strait of Gibraltar and across the Mediterranean. At the time, the ...
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Why did Saladin show kindness to Richard I?

Why did Saladin, when Richard the Lionhearted was sick with a fever, send him a gift of fruit? Or when Richard's horse was killed in battle, he sent a steed to be led to his camp?
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Who gave King Richard I the title Coeur de Lion?

When King Richard I went to the Holy land during the Third Crusade, he was given the title coeur de lion (French for lion heart). Who gave him that title? I Imagine that it was a French person.
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