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How did the KPA cross the Han River on 28 June 1950?

For those unfamiliar, here's a crude ascii art of what the map looks like: | North Korea | | / | | | 38th parallel | \ | | Han River | | Seoul ...
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Are there any records of the travel times of 17th century Dutch Beurtvaart?

Are there any records of how long an average a trip on Dutch inland waterways took. [Beurtvaart] was a Dutch line shipping system for (mostly) inland navigation, that existed from the late 15th ...
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8 votes
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Why was the Tulsa Port placed at Catoosa?

I was looking at various maps of Oklahoma, and the question came to me of why does the Tulsa Port of Catoosa even exist. Tulsa lies on the Arkansas River, which is considerably larger than the ...