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Questions tagged [roman-kingdom]

Questions about the period of ancient Roman civilization from 735 BC to 509 BC.

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What was the physical appearance of Theodoric I, the King of the Visigoths?

What was the physical appearance of Theodoric I, the King of the Visigoths? Although there are paintings portraying him as blonde, I haven't come across any sources that provide a description of his ...
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Why did Mettius Fufetius not join the Veiites in directly attacking the Roman King Tullus Hostilius?

I came across the story of Mettius Fufetius, the Alba Longan counterpart to Tullus Hostilius, and how he betrayed Rome when he secretly told Veii, an Etruscan rival city, that he would deploy his ...
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Was every Roman citizen part of a curia?

In a book by German historian Klaus Bringmann, I read that during the regal period, the whole population was divided into three tribes. He furthermore states that each tribe was divided into 10 curiae ...
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Did the Horatii brothers take an oath as depicted in the painting Oath of the Horatii?

In the Oath of the Horatii, the Horatii brothers are depicted taking an oath before their father, with their sisters mourning at the side: I would like to know whether there is any mention or ...
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Clay Bulla token/coin identification needed. Struck coin

What type of bulla is this? This was givin to me with no information, I can only say it might be clay and copper.
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Is there contemporary evidence for the Roman Kingdom?

The early history of Ancient Rome is notoriously poorly documented. The Gaul Sack of Rome (390 BC) has destroyed much early written records. What evidence do we have that remains of the Roman Kingdom? ...
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What did the Romans call Cardigan the town in West Wales, UK?

I understand that the Romans made an encyclopedia of all their territory and I would like to know what they called Cardigan as I am trying to date a milestone built upside down into my cottage.
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Was the ancient Roman King ( i.e. rex) elected for eight years?

This is an outgrowth of the discussion here. The rex was indeed elected (or perhaps acclaimed would be better term) by the people at the suggestion of the Senate, as far as I recall but I do not ...
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Did the Latins see the Etruscans as a plague? [closed]

I've read that Latins considered the Etruscans as a plague. However, it seems that the Etruscans (being peaceful merchants) were more civilized and educated than the Latins.
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Are the swords in the Oath of Horatii all Roman?

In looking at the Oath of Horatii image I can see three swords in the hand of the father, I see what looks to be a gladius in the center, but the two swords on either side of it do not look to be ...
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