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What is all the equipment used by the Russian imperial army?

What is the equipment shown in this image? I would like to know what the belts are and what some of the other equipment is and if you know where to buy them that would be helpful. thank you to ...
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Why didn't a noble family change their last name from a kind of duck to something more prestigious?

Several days ago, I got curious about the last name of Nikolai Gogol. It just seemed not Slavic to me to be the last name of a Russian/Ukrainian author. I searched for his father on Wikipedia: He was ...
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Why didn't Russia colonize in the scramble for Africa?

Russia was a European empire (one of the biggest) when the scramble for Africa happened and they had enough resources to get a ton of Africa, so why didn't they colonize in Africa? It could have been ...
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Was the Tsar's property separated from state property in Russian Empire in early 19th century (regarding land)?

Was the Tsar's property on land separated from state property in Russian Empire in early 19th century? I mean, were there Tsar's serfs who were not state serfs?
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What legal instruments in the Russian Empire criminalised teaching peasants to read?

When he was 17 - and he was born in 1867 so this was after the 1861 abolition of serfdom - Boris Sidis was jailed in the Ukraine, then in the Russian Empire, for the crime of teaching peasants to read ...
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What was the constitutional status of Finland within Russian Empire?

I am currently reading and translating a book into my own language. There are several sentences that must be interpreted historically for me to be possible to translate. All of these sentences have to ...
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What effect did the duration of Mongol presence in Galicia-Volhynia versus Vladimir-Suzdal have on the development of modern day Ukraine and Russia?

In Serhii Plokhy's book "The Gates of Europe - a History of Ukraine" the author states that the arrival of the Mongols ended the rule of Kyivan-Rus and effectively split the Kyivan realm ...
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Why did the Targowica Confederation not realise its armed opposition to the May Constitution of 1791 would result in the entire annexation of Poland?

Poland-Lithuania was one of the great powers of continental Europe after the treaty of Lublin in 1569. But after the rise of Russia as a great power after its defeat of the Swedish Empire it became ...
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