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Questions tagged [saladin]

Muslim commander and king. Famous for leading the Muslims against the Second and Third Crusades. Founder of the Ayyubid dynasty.

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26 votes
1 answer

Did Saladin speak any European languages?

As the leader of a large coalition force I'm aware he was multilingual, speaking at least Kurdish and Arabic (one site added Turkish) but a European language seems like a longshot. If he did speak one,...
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What gift did Saladin send to Richard when he was ill?

What gift did Saladin send to Richard when he was ill? This is a question I got asked in m H|W and I didn't find it. Please, can anyone help me?
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21 votes
4 answers

How did Richard I sail through the strait of Gibraltar?

Here's something that puzzles me. At the start of the third crusade, Richard I sailed to the holy land around Europe, through the strait of Gibraltar and across the Mediterranean. At the time, the ...
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Wasn't it a tactical mistake for Saladin to send fruits and water to Richard I when ill? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why did Saladin show kindness to Richard I? "When Richard falls sick at the siege of Acre in 1192, Saladin not only sends his personal physician Maimonides over to treat him, he ...
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10 votes
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Was Saladin Agnostic?

In the movie "Kingdom of Heaven", Saladin was portrayed as somewhat agnostic. He has been portrayed this way in literature as well, if I recall correctly. Is there a basis to this?
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32 votes
3 answers

Why did Saladin show kindness to Richard I?

Why did Saladin, when Richard the Lionhearted was sick with a fever, send him a gift of fruit? Or when Richard's horse was killed in battle, he sent a steed to be led to his camp?
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