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Did men and women feast together in early medieval East Francia?

I am interested in important feasts of the upper classes (nobility), e.g., Easter or the baptism of important heirs, in the Eastern Frankish kingdom around 900 AD, specifically the Duchy of Saxony. ...
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How large was Henry the Fowler's army?

About how many fighting men was Henry the Fowler, King of East Frankia (919 - 936) and Duke of Saxony (912 - 936) able to field during a given campaign?
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What caused medieval England to be freer than other countries at the time?

I have read that medieval England was an outlier in terms of personal freedoms in the middle ages. Can this be reliably traced to the cultural influence of the Saxons, or the Normans, or anyone else? ...
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Why was there an Anglo-Saxon law banning sheepskin covered shields?

The Law of King Athelstan states: Fourthly: that no shieldwright cover a shield with sheep's skin; and if he so do, let him pay thirty shillings. (
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Henry I. (the Fowler): What kind of contact to hostages was seen as appropriate?

Early 929 Henry I., King of East Frankia, took the Hevelli chieftain Tugumir hostage. As far as is known, the sister of Tugumir went with him into captivity. In the same year she gave birth to Wilhelm,...
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When did the Roman empire start to hire Anglo-Saxon mercenary troops to protect Britain?

For some context, I am currently studying the history of Britain. We learned that the Romans had captured it in 43 CE under Claudius. We also know that when the Roman Empire was deteriorating and ...
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When did the Saxons settle Britain?

In approximately what year did the Germanic tribe of the Saxons invade and settle the island of Britain? Apparently they had not yet arrived when Julius Caesar visited Britain in 44 B.C.; neither ...