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Questions tagged [scramble-for-africa]

Should detail questions to do with the period of rapid European colonization of Africa from the Congress of Berlin to WW1, as well as its after effects. I suggest however that we make this to cover other topics of African colonization in the 19th century as well as other tags are probably too broad.

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What role did Congo play in the outbreak of WW1? [closed]

Yeah, really crazy sounding question. But please hold on, moderator! :) Congo was a Belgian colony in 1914, and neutral Belgium was the first country that Germany invaded. And if Germany got Congo, ...
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Why didn't Russia colonize in the scramble for Africa?

Russia was a European empire (one of the biggest) when the scramble for Africa happened and they had enough resources to get a ton of Africa, so why didn't they colonize in Africa? It could have been ...
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Why has the Congo ended up French-speaking but not Flemish-speaking? [closed]

Why is there hardly any Flemish linguistic heritage in the former Belgian colonies, at least at the institutional level? EDIT (Evidence of prior research): Neither the Democratic Republic of the Congo ...
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Was the Kingdom of Nri truly pacifistic?

I have been reading about the Kingdom of Nri, a political entity that lasted from medieval times to 1911. It was apparently pacifistic and saw violence as an abomination on Earth. However, it is ...
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Why didn't Britain or any other European power colonize Abyssinia/Ethiopia before 1936?

It is well mentioned while reading books on Africa or, the colonization or “scramble” for Africa, that two countries, Liberia and Ethiopia/Abyssinia, had retained their sovereignty as independent ...
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In general, what was the level of technology like in central Africa, just before the scramble for Africa?

I'm asking this question out of curiosity. In general, what was the level of technology like in central Africa, just before the scramble for Africa?
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What's paradoxical about British free trade in 20th century partitioning of Africa?

I'm having trouble understanding the following passage. What is the paradox/contradiction in Britain advocating for free trade, then emerging with greatest gains in the partitioning of Africa by ...
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What happened to the other European residents in Khartoum in 1885?

Some sources mention Gordon running into the Austrian consulate to save himself from the Mahdi, which implies that there were other Europeans in Khartoum during the siege. What happened to them?
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