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Could anyone please help me identify who this is meant to be?

I recently purchased this bust at an estate sale. It was advertised as an Egyptian goddess, but I don't think that is accurate at all. It looks to be more Asian in design. Any ideas who it is meant to ...
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How do we know who ancient sculptures depict?

Inspired by this statue of (ostensibly) Clementia, Roman goddess (figure from Wiki). How do we know this is Clementia? The Wiki article on Clementia says "In traditional imagery, she is depicted ...
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How do we know this bust is Aristotle?

The Wikipedia page of Aristotle has the following image of him: How do we know that the bust represents Aristotle? For example, some ancient writers describe him as having small eyes, which is ...
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Can you help me identify a statue?

This is certainly not my expertise. I have no great ideas on how to get started. I would comment on the the impressive abs and the lack of legs to guess Posedion (Is he presented as a "mer-man" ...
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What is known about the Ubaid lizard-people figurines?

I find the Ubaid lizard-people figurines visually captivating. But for obvious reasons it's difficult to search for information about them online without wading chest deep through pages of ancient ...
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Why do very old arts (paintings, sculptures) look pretty inaccurate and abstract? [closed]

I have been looking at arts (drawings, sculptures) from different archeological periods (40000BC up to now). A pattern that I have picked up consistently when looking at arts from these periods is ...
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Who does this sculpture depict?

I know I've seen it somewhere before. But can't for the life or me remember who this sculpture is of? Any help would be greatly appreciated. .
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Help identifying image of winged robed figure and young man

Our brand-new office building has this brass medallion in the floor in the lobby. Is this a copy of some image from antiquity? Or just something they made up?
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Why did sculpture and architecture become unpainted white, like skeletons of the dead? [closed]

In ancient times sculptures and buildings were painted and colorfully decorated maybe even with clothes and jewels, and sometimes made out of glowing bronze. What was the motive and, if any, the ...
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Whom does this statue to the left of the cordonata leading up to Piazza del Campidoglio depict?

I was in Rome last week. There's a couple of mysteries I need help solving, and this is one of them. The statue looks like this: It stands modestly to the left of the cordonata and you might even ...
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Why does this statue have five legs?

Bulls have 4 legs. These statues have 5 legs. Why? Khorsabad The Palace of Sargon This area mainly contains sculptures from the city and palace of Khorsabad, built for the Assyrian king Sargon II (...
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How is it known that Phidias used the golden ratio in the Parthenon?

I can see it is widely accepted he did, so there must be some source backing this up, since no work of his has survived (except for a vase in Olympia with the inscription "I belong to Phidias"). What ...
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Why is Sulla's nose in the bust in Munich Glyptothek broken?

I was just wondering if someone did this as a slight to Sulla in the same manner that crosses were carved into the foreheads of Roman busts.!
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