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Did Nicholas II of Russia send telegrams demanding evacuation of Serbs?

During World War I, in 1915, the Serbian army had no other option but to retreat from their territory, over Albanian mountains, to Greece, who was an ally. Just to note that it was in winter, and ...
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Is Oskar Potiorek considered a suspect in the Archduke Ferdinand assassination? [closed]

I was looking just a tiny bit at the history leading up to the assassination generally blamed for the first World War. The data seem so surprising I just have to ask what I'm missing... Oskar ...
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What paramilitary group was Nikola Jorgić in?

"Nikola Jorgić (1946 – 8 June 2014) was a Bosnian Serb from the Doboj region who was a soldier of a paramilitary group located in his native area.1 On 26 September 1997, he was convicted of ...
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Were there other reasons or interests apart from Pan-Slavism for the Russian Empire to support Serbia? [duplicate]

In my History class, I was taught that that the Russian Empire supported Serbia's independence and nationality and fought against the Austria-Hungary Empire due to Pan-Slavism. My point is, were there ...
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What was regicide conspiracy and what was the role of Djordje Gencic in it? [closed]

I'm reading the book The Sleepwalkers by Christopher Clarke, and it says that the interior minister during the rule of Alexander in Serbia (late 1890s), was involved in regicide conspiracy. However I ...
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Why didn't the Hungarians help the battle of Kosovo?

I am curious why the Hungarians, as the first neighbor of then Serbia and Bosnia, who sent troops to confront the invasion of the Ottomans, didn't also participate given that it was obvious that the ...
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Why were there "Tributary States" to the Ottoman Empire?

Here's something that's always puzzled me: Whenever there was agitation for independence in the territories struggling for independence from the Ottoman Empire, a lot of times the places concerned ...
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Why don't/can't the different ethnolinguistic groups of people in erstwhile Yugoslavia get along with each other?

Why haven't they been able to live together as one country? What are the reasons for their bitter and bloody feuds? Since when did these divisions exist?
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Were Serbs and Croats one people / tribe in the past? If not, why do they speak the same language?

Were Croats and Serbs one people that were later (politically) divided, or two unrelated peoples that came in the same area and (linguistically) merged? Before, I thought that Serbs and Croats were, ...
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Why did Russia support Serbia in the years leading to World War I?

Serbia, in its desires to develop a Slavic state, was hindered by Austria-Hungary, which took steps to stop Serbia, especially shown by the autonomy given to Albania by Austria. When Austria ...
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