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For the identification of an artillery shell type or origin. Also for the identification of the specific markings on such a shell.

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What do the marking on these artillery shell casings in brass and steel mean?

I have two artillery shell casings, one brass, one steel that appear identical, height 229mm/9.0" app', base diameter 91mm/3.575" app', body diameter 81mm/3.190" app, I.D. diameter 75mm/...
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What are these shell case markings?

I have this shell case which was handed down in my family. We know very little about it and wondered if anyone can help identify the markings. I would be very grateful for any assistance.
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Identification of a WW1 German shell casing?

I have what I believe is a German WW1 shell casing. It is marked RhMF (54?) MARZ 1918 Düsseldorf. Approximately 8 1/2” diameter, 9 1/8” tall, 12 1/2 pounds. Any information would be much appreciated.
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What was this 1917 shell casing used for?

Bought this shell from an antique store. Would like to know the history behind it, as in what it was used for? (The casing is about 16 and 1/2 inches in length)
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What are the markings on this shell casing? (Dubrovnik)

This is a shell casing from the First World War. Found at an old home in Dubrovnik, Croatia, (Home of my friend's grand-dad's) I am curious about the meaning of the different markings.
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Can you identify the markings on this WW1 trench art?

enter image description hereCan anyone help me decode these markings?
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Can anyone tell me anything about the markings on these shell casings?

These shell casings have been passed down. Can anyone tell me anything about the markings?
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What's the history of this mortar shell?

I was wondering if anyone could give me some history on this shell, which was left to my son by his great grandmother. Could anyone give me information about these markings on this mortar shell. ...
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What can I learn from these WW1 shell cases?

We found these two shell cases in my parents garage. They were allegedly brought back from France by my great grandfather, but that’s all we know and we’d really like to know more about them and ...
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WW1 shell case markings

The inscription listed below is on a shell case which was in my grandmothers house. Can any one tell me what they mean. BRC QF. 18.PR V11 FS TR MH 9.11.15
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