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What did Japan do during the Siberian expedition to insure the creation of a buffer state or acquire territory?

Japan's motives in the Siberian Intervention were complex and poorly articulated. Overtly, Japan (as with the United States and the other international coalition forces) was in Siberia to safeguard ...
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Why was the northern boundary of the Mongol empire set where it was?

The Question By the latter part of the 13th century, the Mongols' frantic territorial expansion was losing momentum. In the east, their empire reached the Pacific, and their efforts to conquer Japan ...
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How difficult was Muraviev's amassing of troops for the forcing of the Treaty of Aigun, and what effects on development did it have?

I'm reading an account of the Trans-Siberian Railways' construction, and what was interesting was the poor level of development in Siberia, including that roads were very limited and transport ...
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Why did the Japanese withdraw from Siberia in 1922?

According to Wikipedia the Japanese were the de facto leaders of the foreign anti-Bolshevik intervention in Siberia during the Russian Civil War. The other foreign powers pulled out by 1920, ...
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Did the Czech Legion bring POWs to Czechoslovakia? And if so, why?

In this question, it is established that the Czech Legion went back to Europe in 1920 merely on US boats along three different naval roads. @Felix Goldberg quotes a master's thesis by Major Robert ...
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Were commandants in Kamchatka from the Army or the Navy?

The Imperial Russian Navy operated out of Kronstadt, next to St. Petersburg. Well before sending the Nadezhda and Neva into the Pacific in 1803, the empire had Pacific ports like Okhotsk, accessible ...
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