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What is the proof that during WW I, belligerent countries censored reports on the Spanish influenza?

Wikipedia has the following on the Spanish flu: The pandemic broke out near the end of World War I, when wartime censors suppressed bad news in the belligerent countries to maintain morale, but ...
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Is there a source for excess death statistics in individual cities during the 1918 flu pandemic?

Is there a reliable source for excess deaths in US cities/counties/states around the time of the 1918 flu pandemic? I was able to find one datasource for Arizona and one for NYC but nothing specific ...
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Did countries use insurance to compensate for their economic losses after the Black Death/Spanish flu/Asian flu? [closed]

The first insurance contracts as we know them today appeared between the 12th and 13th centuries in Italy. The Florentine chronicler Giovani Villani asserts that insurance originated in Lombardy in ...
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Were cities that enacted lockdowns during the 1918 flu pandemic successful in preventing any infections? [closed]

Many parallels are currently being drawn between the flu pandemic of 1918 and the modern spread of the coronavirus, including how a lockdown was imposed in many cities: It happened a century ago, ...
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During the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, did society question whether or not recovered patients will remain immune?

One of the biggest controversies around the current COVID-19 pandemic involves the question of immunity. The official WHO position is as following: "Some governments have suggested that the ...
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Were heroin addicts used to help Spanish flu patients? [closed]

In Burroughs' Junky, he mentions that addicts appeared to be immune and so were safe around infected patients. Can't find anything about this outside of Burroughs and if it is indeed true can only ...
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