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Questions tagged [statistics]

Questions related to the history of the branch of mathematics dealing with data collection, organization, analysis, interpretation and presentation.

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Are there statistics on Soviet Jews, Germans and other groups dissimulating their ethnic origins?

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence regarding Jews and Germans (and possibly other stigmatized ethnic groups) in the USSR trying to dissimulate their ethnic origins: e.g., children issued from mixed ...
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What proportion of UK civilians killed in the first and second world wars were women and children?

I recently learnt that the number of UK civilians killed in the first world war is around 2,000. This seems surprisingly low but understandable when we realize that the UK wasn't subject to a land ...
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Where can I find statistics on Soviet education of foreign students and in foreign countries?

I'm looking for statistics on soviet education of the foreign students and in foreign countries. In particular, I am trying to find numbers on: How many foreigners were educated in Soviet Union (e.g. ...
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How do we know the gender distribution of cave art painters?

I recently visited an exhibition about climate, nature and culture during the last glacial period. One interactive exhibit about cave paintings sported a plaque saying: "...Jetzt wissen wir, dass ...
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Where to find statistics about the WW2 German bombings of Britain, regarding German bomber sorties versus British civilian casulties?

I'm interested in a comparison of early versus later stages of attacks during the German bombing campaign against the UK. I've searched through many sources, but they usually give totals over the ...
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Does city-specific economic data for the pre-WW2 decades exist for Japan and Germany? How do I find out?

I'd like to the an analysis using historical economic data of Japan and Germany. For that I'm trying to figure out, if data exists from before 1945 of economic production in different japanese and ...
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Are rural residents more likely to survive large scale war (> 1 million deaths) than urban residents? (Data based answers only)

On the surface, it seems logical that the probability of survival, during times of war, would be higher in rural areas. More reliable access to food. Lower probability of being targeted. (e.g. air ...
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When was it first noticed that airplane passengers really seemed to like tomato juice?

There is this observation/theory that during flights, people really like to drink much more tomato juice than while on the ground. "A small study" (as Wikipedia calls it) from 2015 tries to ...
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Does history use hypothesis testing using statistical methods?

To what extent does the study of history use hypothesis testing? By Hypothesis testing I mean the usage of p-values and significance levels to dictate how an actual event differs from the event by ...
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How many days have elapsed since October 23, 4004 B.C.?

I need the number of exact days from October 23, 4004 B.C., but obviously it's a bit challenging, i.e. there were some days "disappeared" in the history, and things became a bit complicated. ...
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How sophisticated were efforts to track the spread of past pandemics?

I am currently inquiring into the COVID Tracking Project for a first-year university course. I would like to give some historical context, i.e. past attempts at epidemic tracking. Searching the web ...
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What percentage of the population were serfs by region/year?

Where can I find statistics on the percentage of the population that were serfs, ideally broken down by country/region and by year? Even very rough estimates would be helpful, but unfortunately I've ...
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Historical Statistical Analysis on the Length of Court Proceedings in the US?

Hello, all. I have been trying to find (and have failed, thus far) historical analyses of the average length of time court cases take, from start to finish, in the United States over time. I have a ...
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What was the median age at first marriage for women in Britain from 1890 to 1970?

I am interested in not the mean but rather in the median. So far, I have had the highest difficulty in attaining any information on this matter for the United Kingdom or Great Britain. Thankfully, the ...
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Are the Zemstvo Statistics Digitized?

There were massive statistics collected during the late Russian Empire (1861-1917)-- the "Zemstvo Statistics." They are available on microform at Yale (
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How large were Victorian British military forces?

I was wondering roughly how many people were members of military services in Britain during the later Victorian era, and had no luck finding any information on the subject online, apart from the ...
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Who conducted the first "straw poll" in U.S. election politics, and when was it conducted?

Prior to Gallup and Roper et al in the 1930's and The Literary Digest in 1916, what was the first election straw poll in US elections? Three sources that I found cite three different answers (though ...
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Why was France's birth rate low from 1800 to WWII?

Inspired by this lemma on Wikipedia as well as a few paragraphs here and there in Piketty's Capital in the 21st century I'm asking the question how the low birth rate in France between 1800 and WWII ...
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Did the average height of men in late Victorian England decline due to poor nutrition?

According an article in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health The fall in nutritional standards between 1880 and 1900 was so marked that the generations were ...
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Why was there a surge in the US incarceration rate during the 1990s?

This surge seems to only have stabilized in the last decade and spans roughly 1980–2005. What is its cause? Even when accounting for population growth, the graph does not look much different. (Image ...
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Why are the majority of Dresden inhabitants atheists or agnostics?

German Wikipedia says that Four fifths of the inhabitants of Dresden do not belong to any religious community. Approx. 20 % of the population is predominantly Christian. Original German text: ...
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Source of quote attributed to Florence Nightingale: To understand God's thoughts we must study statistics

This is another classic quotation in the history of statistics, attributed to Florence Nightingale: To understand God's thoughts we must study statistics, for these are the measure of his purpose....
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Percentage of helmet owners in 15th century Europe

There already is a similar question, but it has been closed as unclear. I will attempt to post a clear question instead. Time : 15th century Country: medieval Europe excluding Eastern Roman Empire, ...
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Where can I find historical data of changes in the population of Buddhist followers since Ancient India?

I need some sources regarding the changes in the size of Buddhist populations since the death of Gautama Buddha, e.g. the number of Buddhists in what is modern day India from 410 BC until now, or just ...
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How many troops would the White Armies have had at their peak during the Russian Civil War?

A couple of sketchy sources say between 2.3 and 2.4 million, but the books I've looked through are silent on the matter. Nevertheless, the maximum strength of the Red Army at around 5 million during ...
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Is there a good source for statistics of holocaust survivals?

Who had a higher chances of survival, men or women ? Is there a good source for statistical observations of the survivals?
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Study of causal structures and dynamics in history?

I was not really sure how to phrase this question, but ok, let me try nonetheless. My background is in natural sciences, but I have always been interested in history as well. Over past years I have ...
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How is historical "average calorie consumption" data from eighty years ago estimated?

I read an article in a German news magazine today about the German post-war "hunger winters" of 1946-48. The article cites very detailed statistics about average calorie consumption in Germany in ...
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How many people did Al Capone kill? [closed]

How many deaths was Al Capone responsible for? Including people killed by his order or as part of gang wars he started? (Looking for an estimate within an order of magnitude).
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Which year in history had the highest ratio of non-natural deaths?

I was wondering which year in history was the bloodiest? Is it one of the last two years of WWII? Or are there any other such bloody time in history? I only wish to include non-natural causes deaths ...
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Land Ownership in Palestine - Big Landlords or Small Peasants?

I have seen pro Arab sources cite surveys like these (see image) that demonstrate that most of the privately owned in Palestine land belonged to Arabs. I have seen Israeli sources assert that much of ...
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Employment statistics in Germany since mid-19th century [closed]

What is the most reliable source of employment statistics in Germany? I am interested in the time period starting from mid-19th century all the way to present days.
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Income distribution of major combatants before and after WWII?

This question about GDP per capita of major combatants before and after WWI made me wonder how these GDPs were distributed. Do we know the Gini coefficient (or a similiar metric) for the major ...
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Who is Heckler?

On researching the Black Plague I have a few times run into the name of "Heckler" who supposedly is the source for the information that 25% of the population of Europe was killed by the plague. For ...
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Historical Death Toll due to Disease [closed]

I am trying to calculate the number of deaths due to pestilence from 1750-1800,1800-1850,1850-1900,1900-1950,1950-2000, and 2000-2014. Wikipedia has good information on many:
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When was the first recorded use of hospital readmissions as a summary statistic?

When was the first recorded use, or the first recorded intention of use of hospital readmissions as a summary statistic? A hospital readmission (also called a rehospitalization) is defined as a ...
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