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Questions tagged [statistics]

Questions related to the history of the branch of mathematics dealing with data collection, organization, analysis, interpretation and presentation.

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Percentage of helmet owners in 15th century Europe

There already is a similar question, but it has been closed as unclear. I will attempt to post a clear question instead. Time : 15th century Country: medieval Europe excluding Eastern Roman Empire, ...
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When was the first recorded use of hospital readmissions as a summary statistic?

When was the first recorded use, or the first recorded intention of use of hospital readmissions as a summary statistic? A hospital readmission (also called a rehospitalization) is defined as a ...
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What was the median age at first marriage for women in Britain from 1890 to 1970?

I am interested in not the mean but rather in the median. So far, I have had the highest difficulty in attaining any information on this matter for the United Kingdom or Great Britain. Thankfully, the ...
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What proportion of UK civilians killed in the first and second world wars were women and children?

I recently learnt that the number of UK civilians killed in the first world war is around 2,000. This seems surprisingly low but understandable when we realize that the UK wasn't subject to a land ...
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Where can I find statistics on Soviet education of foreign students and in foreign countries?

I'm looking for statistics on soviet education of the foreign students and in foreign countries. In particular, I am trying to find numbers on: How many foreigners were educated in Soviet Union (e.g. ...
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Where to find statistics about the WW2 German bombings of Britain, regarding German bomber sorties versus British civilian casulties?

I'm interested in a comparison of early versus later stages of attacks during the German bombing campaign against the UK. I've searched through many sources, but they usually give totals over the ...
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How sophisticated were efforts to track the spread of past pandemics?

I am currently inquiring into the COVID Tracking Project for a first-year university course. I would like to give some historical context, i.e. past attempts at epidemic tracking. Searching the web ...
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Where can I find historical data of changes in the population of Buddhist followers since Ancient India?

I need some sources regarding the changes in the size of Buddhist populations since the death of Gautama Buddha, e.g. the number of Buddhists in what is modern day India from 410 BC until now, or just ...
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