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Why did it take so long to abandon sail after steamships were demonstrated?

1807, Robert Fulton's Clermont the first ship to demonstrate the feasibility of steam propulsion for commercial use, but it also carried sail. 1819, The first steamship to cross the Atlantic was the ...
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Are there photos/footage of the Titanic sinking?

I know there are drawings and paintings from witnesses depicting the sinking of RMS Titanic, but are there any actual photographs or footage of the event happening? This video claims to be footage ...
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What alloy was used in early steam turbines? (1900 - 1930)

Steam turbines use externally created steam to drive the blades. There's no internal combustion. They've been used in marine propulsion since at least 1894 on the Turbinia. After this, Parsons-type ...
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Did the RMS Carpathia have enough lifeboat capacity for its passengers?

Did the Cunard Line's RMS Carpathia (which rescued survivors of the sinking of White Star Line's RMS Titanic in 1912) have enough lifeboat capacity for its own passengers to begin with? According to ...
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How long would it take to sail from New Orleans to Belize in late Summer 1867?

I’m writing a story where the characters need to travel by sea from New Orleans to Belize. The event takes place in late Summer 1867. I need to figure out the following: What route they would take ...
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Did steamboats on the Mississippi have individual cabins?

If you were an upper deck passenger, could you have a cabin all to yourself, or would you have to have a roommate?
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