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A sword is a blade weapon used primarily for cutting or thrusting.

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When were swords last used in European warfare?

Specifically, I'm interested in the last documented occurrence of swords (of any sort) being used as a primary weapon by infantrymen or cavalrymen in Western warfare. That is, when did any European or ...
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In the Medieval period, how long would an average swordsmith need to forge an average sword?

Based on this question over in RPG, I'm trying to figure out how long it took to forge a sword in the Medieval/Renaissance smith to make swords. I am recalling a figure of about 9-12 months per sword,...
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At what point in England did use of swords to settle impromptu arguments become unusual?

In a peacetime, urban, non-military context, how often were swords drawn in an unpremeditated context? Ignore any context in which an individual is directed to draw a sword, or contexts like a duel ...
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Identifying a sword engraved with "66. A. E. 1. 61"

Found this sword in my father's basement but need help with ID. Can’t find any info on sword or its markings. The blade itself is 18” from tip to top of hilt and 25” overall.
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When did cavalry soldiers unsheathe swords?

Most movies depict cavalry's unsheathing of swords before a cavalry charge, far before their swords can ever be used. Is this authentic? The Young Winston (1972) exemplifies the above, but bizarrely....
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Where and when is this sword from?

I got it from a friend who said their brother got it in Japan, but I'm not sure. I'm also not sure if this is a old sword or just made to look that way. I would love to know where it is from and what ...
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