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A dynasty that ruled from 618 to 907, with an interregnum between 690 and 705

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Was there and if so what was a northern silk road route from Khazaria to China?

From the reading I had done in various sources through the years, I understood that possible silk road routes from Khazaria to China were: Northern: Atil - Tashkent - Dunhuang - Chang'an Central: ...
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What was the Tang Dynasty definition of imperial 嫡子?

The distinction between 嫡子 and 庶子 was supposedly crucial in struggles for the Chinese imperial throne. It is often repeated (example) that only sons of the Empress were considered 嫡子。 Here it is ...
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Which ranks of concubine resided in the gong and yuan respectively?

Background/ TLDR Having at long last gained access to this source by a certain Mr. Woo and with the support of the answers to my previous question I can finally gather some statistics on successions ...
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