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What was this television history series?

Back in the 80's or 90's I used to watch a history show on TV. It may have been a BBC series but it definitely had a British host. He'd normally start off talking about one thing in history, like the ...
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What percentage of households in Sweden in the 1990s only had over-the-air TV?

I was born in the mid-1980s, so I grew up in Sweden in the 1990s. Our family was not rich, but we somehow did live in a house, as opposed to an apartment/flat. We only had an antenna on the roof, with ...
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Did people attempt to repair their television sets themselves back in the day and die from it?

I have a big 1989 CRT TV which I'm both in love with and genuinely fear. It recently took me extreme precautions just to eventually dare to open it up (after being unplugged for a long time) and just ...
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Did any Nazi TV news broadcasts survive?

According to wikipedia, there was some adoption of television in Nazi Germany, The first regular electronic television service in Germany began in Berlin on March 22, 1935, as Deutscher Fernseh ...
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When did COVID-19 hit the international news?

I have been having a discussion about when COVID-19 first hit the international news. I think it was around Christmas 2019, up to a couple of days after new year. This is based on my recollection of ...
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Where can I find video of Pierre Elliott Trudeau's concession in 1979?

The Canadian parliamentary elections of May 1979 were a defeat for the Liberals and a victory for the Progressive Conservatives, resulting in Pierre Elliott Trudeau's replacement by Joe Clark as prime ...
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How many people watched the moon landings after Apollo 11?

I'm currently writing an essay on the history of Spaceflight. I remember hearing before that interest in the Apollo program waned after Apollo 11, that TV ratings of the moon missions gradually ...
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Why, in old movies and TV series, do they always use such extremely exaggerated wheel turns when driving a car?

In old movies and TV episodes from the 1950s (for instance), they would frequently have a car in a studio with a background consisting of a screen showing a pre-recorded sequence of somebody driving a ...
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Did the Soviet leadership ever address the American people on American TV?

As part of the détente between the United States and the Soviet Union, American president Richard Nixon made an 18-minute address to the Soviet people, which was broadcast on Soviet state television ...
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Are there historical examples of audiences drawn to a work that was "so bad it's good"?

The concept of media that is enjoyable because it's incompetently executed is a big market nowadays. Movies probably have the biggest examples (Plan 9 From Outer Space, Troll 2, The Room, Samurai Cop, ...
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Has a German U-Boat ever transported an American during WW2?

In the new TV series Das Boot (not the movie), a German U-Boat is used to transport an American civilian during the war. Is this inspired by real events in any way, or is this pure fantasia nonsense?
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Were there commercials in the original broadcast of the moon landings, and how much did they go for?

I was pondering the future value of advertisements on the live broadcast of the inevitable eventual Mars landing, and it led me to wonder about this.
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How historically accurate was the Queen's trip to Ghana portrayed in Episode 8 of The Crown?

OK let me be more specific. In episode 8 of The Crown (Netflix), it is implied that Queen Elizabeth II went to Ghana (because she heard a sly comment from JFK's wife) to prevent the country from going ...
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What was the first ever televised lottery?

The UK's National Lottery has been on TV since 1994. A similar state-owned lottery in Poland has been on air for much longer, since 1973. However, the scarce information available about it online ...
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WWII documentary series with end credits that used a diorama

I remember a series about World War II where the end credits were shown over a camera that panned over a diorama that show the progress of the war that started with normal scenes that slowly ...
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What was the first broadcast television programme?

Was it The Queen's Messenger or The Man with the Flower in his Mouth? IMDB claims that The Queen's Messenger was the first, but I've always understood it was The Man with the Flower in his Mouth. So ...
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Which was more revolutionary for its time: Television or Radio? [closed]

In terms of broadcast technologies, which was seen as more revolutionary for its time: television or radio? How was each technology utilized in terms of its intended purpose and audience/users in its ...
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Is the position of women as portrayed in the Mad Men series historically accurate?

I found similar questions about a game (closed as off topic), a play (7 upvotes) and a movie (9 upvotes) so I am unsure if this is an acceptable question for this SE. In the Mad Men series, which ...
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Was Horst Tappert a member of the SS?

It was recently reported that German TV actor Horst Tappert (1923 - 2008) had been identified as having been a member of the Waffen SS in World War II. However, it was also reported that a German ...
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