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Why is a temple to Hathor in India?

Many internet articles are saying that there is a temple of Deity Hathor (which is an Egyptian goddess) in Nuh district, Mewat city, Haryana state, India . Exact Map's Location This is a reliable ...
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Is there evidence of a pagan temple on the site of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem that predated the Jewish Temple?

Is there any evidence of a pagan temple having preceded Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem on that same site? I have seen this argument made, but I wanted to know more about the reasons behind this ...
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Is there any documentation of the use of scientific knowledge or technology in pagan temples?

One of the great rabbinic scholars from the Geonic period, Rabbi Hai Gaon (939-1038 CE) wrote a responsum wherein he mentions as something "well-known" that that idolatrous temples would set ...
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How, just how you can burn down a stone structure? [closed]

I often encounter claims that this or that stone temple or fortress was "burned down" sometime in the past. How this could happen? One example (of many) is the claim that Church of St. Mary ...
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Did the Vandal King Genseric obtain the 2nd Temple Menorah from Vatican in the 455 CE sack of Rome?

Regarding Jerusalem’s 2nd Temple Menorah (depicted in the Arch of Titus), The Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem published the following article in the summer of 2017: “The seven-...
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What murals and decor might have been present in the earliest Sumerian temples?

So, for the sake of a production I'm working on a lot of digital artwork meant to represent a slightly-fantastic, but based in fact, representation of ancient Sumeria. Think 5000 years+ ago; dawn-of-...
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When during their construction did Bible-era Jewish temples become "holy"?

As is well documented in the Bible and elsewhere, in Bible times, the innermost area of a temple (often referred to as the Holy of Holies) was only permitted to be occupied by the head priest, and ...
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What actually happened in Greek and Roman temples of healing?

Greeks first had temples of healing under Apollo, and when Apollo as the god of healing was displaced by Asclepius, these temples ended up as asclepeion. The Romans adopted this idea of temples for ...
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Is the Western Wall the only remaining portion of the Second Temple?

I saw a travel blog post recently that claimed that the Western Wall is the only remaining portion of the Second Temple in Jerusalem. At first, I thought this was just a mistake on the part of the ...
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Why so many early temples on Malta?

Why is there such a concentration of early neolithic temples on Malta? Seven world heritage sites, plus several other significant locations (see Megalithic Temples of Malta) adds up to a lot of ...
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How and when was the Temple of Trajan destroyed?

From Wikipedia article on the Temple of Trajan in Rome: The Temple of Trajan was a Roman temple dedicated to the emperor Trajan and his wife Plotina after his deification by the Roman Senate. ...
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When was the temple of Artemis at Ephesus destroyed?

The accounts of the destruction of the temple are a little confusing. Jordanes in the 6th century says “Respa, Veduc and Thuruar, leaders of the Goths, took ship and sailed across the strait of ...
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Are there any secular accounts of the Sadduccees?

1. Question : Are there any accounts by Greek, or other historians, that detail what happened to the Sadducees, who were tied to Temple in Jerusalem? Was there a persecution of the Sadducees? I am ...
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Where was the Temple of Onias located?

Josephus writes that the Temple of Onias (Chonyo) in Egypt was built in Heliopoils, however the Talmud (Menahot 109b) seems to understand that the temple was built in Alexandria, not in Heliopolis?
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Does Tanjore Brihadeeswarar Temple contain more stones than Giza pyramid?

I have heard that the Tanjore Brihadeeswarar Temple or Periya Kovil has more stones than the Giza Pyramid. Upon performing a Google search on this, I found a website and a blog stating that ...
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Are there any palaces, temples or monuments built by the Seleucids surviving through to the present day?

Many surviving classical temples and palaces in the Levant and Asia appear to have been built by the Romans. Are there any notable ones that still survive today that where built specifically during ...
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