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For questions regarding the U.S. state of Texas.

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What hapenned to the Mexican officer who was found with James Fannin's watch in the Battle of San Jacinto of the Texas Revolution?

I read an article in the New Georgia Encyclopedia on James Walker Fannin Jr. which says: The [Texan] officials who found [James Fannin's watch in the possession of a Mexican officer] assumed the ...
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Did the empresario system exist only within Mexican Texas?

I have many sources describing the empresario system, a way to encourage settlement of Texas. Every source I could find mentioned "Texas". I cannot find any sources using this terminology ...
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What is the correct English terminology to refer to New Mexico and Texas under Spain, then Mexico?

I am finding a strange inconsistency in sources between those about New Mexico's history and those about Texas. As I know, New Mexico and Texas both started as parts of New Spain, under Spanish rule, ...
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What did a train ticket cost on a 1940 Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe train?

I would like to find out the cost of a train ticket on the Santa Fe & Topeka railroad around 1940, from Alpine Texas to Santa Fe via El Paso.
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How did Juneteenth come to be the primary national celebration of the end of slavery in the United States?

Wikipedia explains that the celebration of Juneteenth (originally Jubilee Day) began in Texas and later spread to other parts of the South. The date commemorates June 19th, 1865 when General Gordon ...
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What was Texas called after gaining its independence and why was it called that? [closed]

What was Texas' name after it won its independence? So I know that Texas was either called "The Republic of Texas" or "The Lone Star Republic", but I am not sure which name is more accurate, and why ...
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What hard, physical evidence is there that Davy Crockett actually died at the Alamo?

It's often stated (perhaps correctly) that Davy Crockett perished while defending the Alamo in Texas during the revolution against the Mexicans. Many legends about this hero of the West, however, say ...
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Why did Mexico encourage the settlement of Texas by Americans?

Beginning in the 1820's, Mexico encouraged Americans (such as Moses and Stephen Austin) to settle in their territory of Texas. It was this that led to Texas becoming independent of Mexico—something ...
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