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What are the Josephus Greek Epistles?

Antiquities XX, 8, 9 Now when Porcius Festus was sent as successor to Felix by Nero, the principal of the Jewish inhabitants of Cesarea went up to Rome to accuse Felix; and he had certainly been ...
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Why do revolutions "eat their own?" What is the sociological dynamic here?

We have a number of cases in history of revolutionary movements growing increasingly radicalized by a kind of internal dynamic that eliminates more moderate factions. Instances include the Jacobins, ...
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Do historians agree that wars break out because of miscalculations? [closed]

I am not a historian and have always been curious as to really why wars break out. I find it unthinkable how people can decide to kill each other in big numbers and cannot just resolve all matters ...
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Why don’t historians tolerate eisegesis, when they continuously engage in it?

Historians disrespect excessively eisegetic readings when producing their works. Eisegesis is the production of meaning in reading texts through external inspiration. The inspiration could be divine, ...
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What limits historiographically valid hermeneutics of exegesis in relation to theories of action or agents?

Hermeneutics is the field of the problem of reading dubious documents and document sets; Figuring out what actually happened. Exegesis is the act of producing a reading in a non divinely inspired ...
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How historically accurate is "Good King Wencenclaus"? [closed]

The popular Christmas carol "Good King Wencenclaus" is about a King Stephen who was very kind to a poor beggar. Was this King Wencenclaus an actual king of history, and if so, which one? Also, are ...
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Why did the Mongol Empire disintegrate so rapidly after its peak?

The Mongol Empire rapidly expanded to become the largest land empire in history, but then it disintegrated just as rapidly. What caused this so rapid demise of the world's largest pre-British Empire?
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Why you must wait before claiming "historical knowledge" [closed]

There is no serious Historian that does not put a minimum of 20 years to have happened "after the fact" on any subject before it can be seen as "historical in nature." Why is that?
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Is there any relationship between 666 and Roman numerals (DCLXVI)? [closed]

I just realized that 666 is DCLXVI in Roman numerals (all numerals in sequence from largest to smallest). I have checked wiki but there was nothing mentioned about it. Are there any theories or ...
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Are there documented shifts in how history, time, and accuracy were regarded in society? [closed]

I recall an interview where Reza Aslan described that History, in its present form, didn't always exist that way. That is the rigor, validation, and peer review wasn't present. Instead, it was a ...
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What are modern theoretical approaches towards history? [closed]

There were/are different ways to describe history and what the most important forces are behind history. some say "history is the result of great men", some "history can be only understood under the ...
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How do repeating historical conflicts get resolved? [closed]

History is full of conflicts which persist over generations. Inter-Christian religious wars drive more than a century of conflict that spanned the globe. Inter-Empire wars over colonization rights ...
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Was the attack on Pearl Harbor totally unexpected?

According to "British Intelligence in the Second World War: Security and Counter-Intelligence", by Francis Harry Hinsley and C.A.G. Simkins, Tricycle, a British double agent, complained that the FBI ...
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Is history always written by the victors?

The famous "history is written by victors" saying argues that the victors overwhelmingly influence historical accounts. Are there any examples of history written by the(or THE) losers?
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What is "Theoretical History"?

This question is highlighting something I have been meaning to ask, but haven't known how to go about it: What is the contemporary knowledge of the theoretical history? I'm particularly interested in ...
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What is the contemporary knowledge of the theoretical history?

I have noticed, that posts here do not use in their argumentation the terminology and thoughts of the theories that attempted to make history more scientific, tried to put a base under it. I mean ...
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