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What was the official theoretical journal of the communist party of the USSR?

Like other ruling communist parties the propaganda organs of the USSR would have also published material covering theoretical topics relating to building socialism, communism, etc. These materials ...
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Do historians have a method to synthesize evidence and conclusions from multiple fields?

Modern historians when trying to understand some specific aspect of the past often have to draw on multiple types of evidence, such as historical documents, literature, epigraphy, numismatics, ...
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Biggest successful secret project in history?

Many conspiracy theories rely on a powerful organisation (government agencies, secret societies, etc.) hiding the truth from public view. A prime example are alien conspiracies. To the known record, ...
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Can world systems theory apply to empires?

World systems theory categorizes the economic relationships of countries by placing them in a core or a periphery. In this model, core countries exploit resources in the peripheral countries. This ...
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Which historians argue that WWII was caused by Fascism as a reaction to Communism?

It's been suggested that fascist movements of post-WW1 Europe emerged in reaction to the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and against worker sympathies to similar internationalist socialist movements ...
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